You can now own Jay-Z and Hype Williams’ cannabis promotional photos, as art



Cannabis is rebranded as premium in the United States.

In April, Jay-Z brought in acclaimed music video director Hype Williams to lead photography for his new luxury cannabis brand, Monogram.

The work of legendary corporate photographer Slim Aarons in the post-WWII era served as fertile inspiration for Williams’ 2021 rest of mid-century California high society – with weed.

“Attractive people who do attractive things in attractive places,” was the self-proclaimed motto of Aarons, who featured a series of poolside photos at the Kaufmann House designed by Richard Neutra in Palm Springs in 1970. .

Prints from the rapper's recent advertising campaign for his cannabis brand Monogram are available in limited editions.

Hype Williams / Supplied

Prints from the rapper’s recent advertising campaign for his cannabis brand Monogram are available in limited editions.

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The house once belonged to Frank Sinatra and is arguably the most famous of the 300 dwellings that modernist architect Neutra imagined during his long career. It went on sale in 2020 with a price tag of $ 25 million, according to Bordered, but now appears to be a vacation rental.

Williams has recreated eight vignettes from Aarons’ original collection, including “Keep Your Cool”, “Desert House Party”, Poolside Glamor “and” Leisure and Fashion “. The photographs were so successful that Monogram has now released a limited range of prints.

Monogram only publishes 10 copies of each photograph, printed on high quality cotton based paper (so if you want one, you better go fast).

They are available on The Webster and Caliva, with prices starting at US $ 320 (NZ $ 457) each.

A campaign image for Jay-Z's luxury cannabis brand inspired by

Hype Williams / Supplied

A campaign image for Jay-Z’s luxury cannabis brand inspired by Slim Aaron’s “Poolside Gossip”.

“The perception of cannabis has changed a lot since the 20th century. If you asked me and my peers how we would define the good life today, weed would definitely be one of them,” Williams said in a statement. .

“Whether we smoke to inspire creativity or to celebrate achievement, cannabis has a rightful place in modern culture.”

Aarons made his mark documenting resting socialites, artists and heiresses, often in the privacy of their luxurious backyards.

Williams also uses famous faces, including Grammy-nominated singer Chika, model Slick Woods, culinary trio Ghetto Gastro, and rapper Curren $ y, all of whom are pictured indulging in weed at the Twin Estate. Palms.

Slim aarons "Quiet afternoon," redesigned by Hype Williams for Monogram.

Hype Williams / Supplied

“Quiet Afternoon” by Slim Aarons, reinvented by Hype Williams for Monogram.

The rich and famous are adding more and more premium cannabis to their list of public indulgences – and their brand portfolios.

Canadian director, screenwriter and comedian Seth Rogen announced in March, an online store selling his handmade ceramics, “housewares” … and cannabis. The site turned out to be so popular that it crashed on day one.

“Something we talk about so much is that all this weed… has been living under your coffee table in a shoebox or in your desk drawer at the back for so long,” Rogen said. Vogue.

“It deserves to be on your shelf, on your coat or on your coffee table. In a world where I look at a decanter of whiskey and my martini shaker, it’s common to have this displayed in your home. Why shouldn’t your ashtrays and lighters be placed in the same type of plane? “

the "The Swimmer and Sunbather print is available for $ 457 from Webster.

Hype Williams / Supplied

The “Swimmer and Sunbather” print is available for $ 457 from Webster.


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