Yoorekka’s WebMall outlets make branded products more affordable



(Editorial YourDigitalWall): – Metro Manila, Philippines June 30, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Yoorekka.com present Web points of sale, a mobile-friendly online shopping platform to provide buyers with cheap and quality finds. The platform is part of the latest feature of Yoorekka’s site: the online sales suite.

WebMall outlets carry local, authentic, and branded items from respected brands in the country. These products are offered at a lower price than a regular point of sale, so buyers can save more money on quality retail products. Customers who buy from WebMall outlets may find offers 25-50% lower than the original price! With this feature and more, Yoorekka’s WebMall outlets promise to be an online store where customers can review branded products without hurting their savings.

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The WebMall Points of Sale section offers quality and inexpensive products that fall into the following categories: Fashion & Clothing, Food & Beverage & Leisure, Beauty & Wellness, Home Renovations, Auto Accessories, and Travel & Tours.

Yoorekka Also aims to give more benefits to traders by selling them off season or old products and slow moving and surplus stocks at a lower price. Thanks to its model, Yoorekka’s online store is poised to be the virtual benchmark where businesses can easily conduct a clearance sale while providing customers with a way to save money when they go. online shopping.

Meanwhile, to help merchants and customers have a smooth and reliable transaction, Yoorekka has partnered with DragonPay, a secure online payment system, as well as a reputable delivery service. The online store is also equipped with easy to use features and tools that make online selling easy and organized for merchants.

Under the online sales suite are also two other platforms with different offers: Tianggé Center and Yoorekka offers. In these channels, customers can quickly find what they need and buy online at a lower price!

About Yoorekka

Yoorekka.com is an online magazine and national web directory with thousands of listings nationwide. Formerly Shoppersguide.com.ph, Yoorekka Philippines changed its name in 2018, with the goal of helping shoppers, diners and travelers find what they’re looking for faster. From the best products, restaurants, hotels and destinations, Yoorekka helps its readers say, “I found it!

Yoorekka’s mainstream magazine aims to provide its readers with well-researched articles on shops, restaurants and travel destinations across the country. Thanks to the magazine’s content, Yoorekka readers can make smart and valid decisions. Not only that, Yoorekka is also aimed at companies who want to reach a wider audience and increase their sales. All traders need to register and list their information on the site. Yoorekka’s main office is located at 5F, Richmonde Plaza Building, San Miguel Avenue, Lourdes Street, San Antonio, Pasig City. Interested in growing your business with us? You can register here or Contact us.


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