Woman-owned music store Red Zeppelin Records has an eclectic selection in downtown McKinney



The staff at Red Zeppelin Records includes Clerk Declan Williamson, Owner Katie Scott, and Manager Bayleigh Cheek. (William C. Wadsack / Community Impact Journal)

When customers walk into Red Zeppelin Records, among the first things they see are posters of musicians like Queen, Dr. Dre and the Lemonheads. This range of musical styles is indicative of the store and its clientele, said owner Katie Scott.

“A beautiful thing about it is that there isn’t a set demographic for us because everyone loves music,” Scott said. “We are proud of our [selection’s] the diversity.”

Located just off downtown McKinney Square, Red Zeppelin opened in July 2020. Scott said he opened the store after seeing interest in the vinyl she was stocking at her other downtown business. from McKinney, the vintage store The Groovy Coop.

Thanks to the success of Red Zeppelin, Scott recently took over the space next to the boutique and expanded his floor plan. This has allowed her to add more records, CDs and cassettes for now, but Scott said she has other plans for the extra space in the future.

“Retail development for now and next year we will [the store] in a bar [and music] place too, ”she said.

Bayleigh Cheek, who runs the record store, will likely be one of the first people to perform on the scheduled stage, as she is one of four artists signed to Scott’s music label, also known as Red Zeppelin Records. Scott formed the label earlier this year to release music from North Texas artists such as Cheek.

The store then prepares for the Black Friday version of Record Store Day on November 26. The biannual shopping event features a variety of limited edition vinyl presses that are offered for sale exclusively at independent music stores such as Red Zeppelin.

“Black Friday is not as big as regular Record Store Day [in April]”said Scott.” But this year, Record Store Day has been huge [for us]. People were lining up around the corner.

Scheduled releases include vinyl records from artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac, Billie Eilish and Dio. However, due to the limited nature of the releases, Scott said there is no guarantee of what the store will receive or be able to keep in stock for Black Friday.

“What’s cool about us is [that] we are still a bit underground, ”she said. “Our true fans know [that] if you come here you are probably more likely to get something.

Red Zeppelin Discs

206 E. Louisiana St., Ste. A, McKinney



Hours: Mon-Thu. 11 am-6pm, Fri-Sat 10 am-8pm, Sun noon-5pm


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