Why BTS Jin’s Fashion Style Described As Classic, Simple Explained

BTS Jin is highly regarded as the “World Wide Handsome”. Although her facial features are the main reason behind the so-called nickname, her fashion sense also plays an important role.

Apparently, fans think each member of the all-male K-pop group has a different fashion. sense. That is why no ARMY member can determine which icon among the septet is the most fashionable.

Based on the assertions, netizens agree that each of the dynamite singers has a unique style and set of preferences in terms of clothing pieces. For Jin, Soompi said her signature look inclines more towards comfort which shows a minimalist and uncomplicated style.

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BTS Jin prefers simple and comfortable pieces

The publication explained that the oldest member of BTS usually wears casual clothes. He is said to have “clean and put together” ensembles that “suit” his overall appearance.

He would have like to keep it classic and simple. But, despite this, his plays are “not boring”, given his “playful” nature.

Also, Jin is said to like high-end outfits. As claimed, he previously expressed his “love” for Givenchy, a luxury fashion brand.

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Some of her “additional fashion decisions”

Clean, comfortable and simple are probably its style. But, Koreaboo reported that the BTS member doesn’t always follow fashion trends and rules.

Even though he likes to keep his overall look minimalist and uncomplicated, he still gets a little “plus” sometimes.

An example is his preference for leaving the tags on while wearing some of the pieces.

Another instance where he showed his extra side was when he donned funky sunglasses on stage. In addition, he also sometimes wears “mismatched” pieces.

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Dress like Jin

The audience has seen how Jin dresses over the years. With her eye-catching pieces and styles, fans took the time to document her looks on social media and continued to do so to let others see her style preferences.

On Instagram, the BTS member has a fan-made fashion account, which bears the manipulate “seokjin.style.” The feed posts photos of the K-pop idol, showcasing her clothes, and the page provides details of each item, like her brand and price.

Watch this space for more from BTS Jin.

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