Who are Kara Walker and Melanio Gomez? ‘Making It’ brings a surprise twist to the first episode



Was it the devastating pandemic that made “Making It” bosses easy with artisans? If so, no one is complaining. Especially not the eight artisans who have now stepped up to the $ 100,000 grand prize. Holdover hosts Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler put together quite a skit before announcing that no one would be coming home in Episode 1 of Season 3. Moments later, the existing contestants were introduced. to new entrants Melanio Gomez and Kara Walker. More on them in a bit.

If you like the original reality shows, here’s a list to choose from: “Sugar Rush”, “Nailed It!”, “America’s Got Talent” and “Crazy Delicious”. Trust us when we say these shows are all you need to have a bad day.


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Who are Melanio Gomez and Kara Walker?

Not much is known about Walker and we promise to update this space once we have enough information. Melanio Gomez, meanwhile, is a household name and has been in the art industry for years. He defines himself as an accessories stylist and set designer who has worked with high end luxury brands to help them achieve certain style goals.

He writes in his blog: “I started freelance – working with Estee Lauder to create their displays, packaging and special event graphics, with Tiffany & Co. as an illustrator, designing designs. images for trophies, with a private label producer. of fashion underwear and with a company specializing in catalogs for high-end retail centers. I have gained experience as an art director, stylist and video producer, working with models – for clients such as Ralph Lauren, The Limited, Old Marine, & The Gap. “

During his freelance years, this craftsman decided to start a business with two friends from art school. Top Spin was a multidisciplinary design company and produced a wide range of industrial, graphic and product designs. Obviously, Gomez has the most experience of the (now) 10 Craftsmen who have faced each other in the reality TV competition series.

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