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Center Market’s all-new business district storefront offers the best of both worlds – from trendy to cozy, yet still fashionable – in two different local boutiques.

Label 3 and Talan + Lou stores celebrated their opening at 2135 Market St. on Friday, joining other unique local businesses across from the historic Center Market on the same stretch of Market Street as Later Alligator.

Lisa Bronchik, owner of Label 3, and Samantha Holcomb, owner of Talan + Lou Boutique, cut the ribbon outside their cozy and collaborative brick-and-mortar location, welcoming a constant stream of customers in no time at all. .

Both boutiques specialize in women’s clothing and accessories, offering a little something for everyone of all ages.

“We call it two vibrations in the same place – we have totally different tastes, and everything just mixes together” Bronchik said. “We both started at the same time and we’ve been working together from the very beginning. We had a studio in St. Clairsville and we were doing local pop-up shops all over the valley. We have just decided to join forces and put our two companies together.

The two shops not only complement each other in the same space, but they also fit perfectly into the central market area, which they claim offers excellent foot traffic. The character of the neighborhood and the store itself also helped local businesswomen decide to relocate there.

“With all the exposed bricks and everything, we fell in love with it”, said Holcomb. “We said we would never have a storefront unless that’s exactly what we wanted – and that’s exactly what we wanted. “

The boutiques share space on the store’s central display tables, but along the store’s two long walls, they exclusively showcase their unique selections – with elements from Talan + Lou Boutique occupying the north wall and clothing from Label. 3 presented to the south wall. The setup highlights two distinctive looks offered by the boutiques, all in one space.

“I try to go a little more dressy for women – from work to weekends, I call it,” Bronchik said Label 3 selections. “Wear it to work, then change it and wear it on the weekends. I also have leather handbags and Pittsburgh candles.

Holcomb said his shop caters to the more casual fashions.

“I offer more comfortable clothes” she said of Talan + Lou’s clothing selections. “I like having a few unique pieces that are very versatile and things that you can just mix and match to create a complete wardrobe.”

Store opening hours will be 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, with some flexibility beyond these main time slots. Evening hours can be added on Wednesdays and some Fridays when there are special events taking place at the Central Market.

“We will help you feel comfortable here and we will help you style yourself” said Holcomb.

For more information, visit www.talandandlouboutique.com, www.label3boutique.com, or check out the two stores on their social networks.

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