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Madison’s new Pop-Up Shop program seeks to revitalize State Street by helping minority-owned businesses.


New retailers are vetted through an application process, Ouk said. They must be retailers specifically and have their products ready to be sold. If they are not registered or do not yet have insurance, the chambers are available to help them, she said.

The desired outcome, Ouk said, is for the vendors to cement their place in Madison’s business community, potentially even opening a full-fledged operation on State Street.

Make a dream come true

Liz Vang, owner of clothing store Ardorposh, said she found the pop-up store initiative through a social media post from the Hmong House.

“It was the perfect time for me,” she said, adding that she opened her store in 2019. “Running a storefront has been something on my mind.”

Vang sold her clothes – which she says are trendy and fun, but also modest in style – at various community events. It also operates an online store.

“I think I’ll get some answers for myself once that’s done,” she said.

Vang’s Kitty-corner is El Legado, owned by Rocio Gonzalez.

Pop-up shops on State Street

Rocio Gonzalez organizes merchandise at his pop-up store, El Legado, while Sonia Villalobos, right, works in his photography studio on State Street.


She said her business was to preserve the culture and traditions of Mexico. Having opened its doors just three months ago, Gonzalez said the Latino Chamber had crucially helped her obtain a license and find insurance.


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