Trader Joe’s just introduced a versatile new Ube product

While the spread of ube is creating a buzz in the Trader Joe’s community, this isn’t the first time the brand has welcomed ube-flavored treats. He previously carried purple pretzels, waffle mix, ice cream, tea cookies and even mochi. But unlike the products that preceded it, TJ’s ube spread is a ready-made item, allowing it to be endlessly transformed.

Take from instagram, fans were quick to come up with ways to use the spread. In addition to dipping fruit or topping yogurt and oatmeal, some have suggested using the ube mix to fill mochi, macaroons, hand pies, and even stuffed French toast. Swirling a dollop into baked goods like cakes and brownies has also been mentioned, in addition to creating ube-flavored ice cream.

For a slightly savory take, other Instagram users have mentioned folding the ube spread in whipped goat cheese that could be used to top crostini — but that’s not all. Nice purple drinks were also suggested. Think: lavender-colored hot chocolate, smoothies, milkshakes, and maybe even an ice-cold cocktail.

If you are still lacking inspiration, serious eating advises taking inspiration from Filipino cuisine and using TJ’s ube spread in brioche-style ensaymadas, on crispy coconut latik, or tossed in a halo-halo. How’s that for versatility?

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