The street style trends of Kingpins Amsterdam

Last week, the Amsterdam Kingpins returned and the Denimheads in attendance donned their best denim looks for the return of the physical edition. FashionUnited unearthed the hottest denim streetwear trends on the spot: it-pieces, hip cuts and wild patterns.

Hip hop hooray: the baggy is back

Baggy jeans are deeply rooted in streetwear culture. The trend, which was particularly popular in rap and skate culture in the 90s and 2000s, has already been seen on labels such as Balenciaga, Diesel and Givenchy in previous seasons. But the fashionistas of the caïds do not fear their craze for wide pants, worn very low for the most part.

Photo: Aygin Kolaei for FashionUnited

wild decoration

Denim has more to offer than just a plain fabric, particularly light colored fabrics become a canvas for wild patterns. The artwork can be seen on denim pieces in the form of sketches and lettering, all-over prints in the style of the 70s, embroidery or even a do-it-yourself approach in which the wearer has himself took the brush – the possibilities are almost limitless. Depending on the style and decoration, a wide variety of looks can be created around the denim it-piece.

Photo: Aygin Kolaei for FashionUnited

Patchwork and denim mix

Wild patterns can be created not only with prints and embellishments, but also by combining different fabrics and shades of denim in one item. It offers an alternative to new products, particularly in the field of DIY, and makes it possible to bring old pieces back to life: the belt of jeans is found at the bottom of a jacket and the pockets of trousers become an integral part of a basket. .

The pieces don’t have to look like an old patchwork quilt sewn from scraps. With the right placement and a small selection of tones and patterns, even smooth gradients can be created.

Photo: Aygin Kolaei for FashionUnited

The It-piece: the denim vest

Aside from the jeans, the vest seems to be a highlight seen in streetwear. Pieces with differently worked embroideries and patterns, as well as simple models could be found. It also shows how individual a garment can be: cropped denim vests sit alongside reverse versions that bring out the different materials that are actually not visible. Buttons, zippers and pockets in different sizes complete the selection.

Photo: Aygin Kolaei for FashionUnited

denim uniform

If that’s all a bit too much for you but still want to make a statement in denim, you can go for a two or three piece suit in an identical shade. This creates a look that resembles professional uniforms. Of course, that doesn’t mean a wide variety of patterns like batik and leopard print can’t be used.

Photo: Aygin Kolaei for FashionUnited

Denim accessories

Matching accessories, which complete the look or contrast with the outfit, offer even more denim. Straight pockets can be a playful and practical addition. Because: Denim is not just denim and offers a wide choice in its many variations.

Photo: Aygin Kolaei for FashionUnited

This article was originally published on FashionUnited.DE, translated and edited in English by Kelly Press.

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