The ‘Coach’ Kim Braswell Story” documents the author’s experience as an athlete at the University of Georgia

Kim Braswell has completed her new book “Kicking Adversity Aside: The ‘Coach’ Kim Braswell Story”: a motivational memoir that conveys a sense of positivity to others in the face of any kind of diversity.

Author Kim Braswell begins her memoir by writing, “When I sat down to begin telling the story of my life as a deaf and diabetic athlete, it reminded me that I had been struggling to overcome adversity since my younger age. I didn’t see it that way growing up – I was just trying to get through each day and learn to navigate a world that didn’t have time for my problems. But if there’s one thing I had learned, it’s that every obstacle has a way around it. From the first year until today, that’s how I had approached life! This attitude has helped me accomplish things I never could have imagined: becoming an all-state high school football and baseball player; set a national record of 134 consecutive point-after-touchdown kicks that stood for forty-seven years; play college football and baseball at the University of Georgia; arousing the interest of the American team, the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL, after the end of my college career; and finally, coaching the sports that I have loved for thirty-seven years at the college and high school levels.

Published by Page Publishing, Kim Braswell’s meaningful memoir shares the author’s experience as an exceptional athlete who overcame many challenges with strength and determination, as well as the support of others who believed in him.

Readers interested in discovering this impactful work can purchase “Kicking Adversity Aside: The ‘Coach’ Kim Braswell Story” in bookstores around the world, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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