The big deal some activists have with plant-based meat



Patrick Brown, founder of Impossible Foods, seems to see granular accounting as a waste of resources. When asked about the waste generated by using coconut oil, Brown told the New York Times: “To be perfectly honest, that’s a tiny fraction of the positive impact we have. We will report it. if it’s necessary, but really, you’re totally missing the point if you’re obsessed with this stuff. [It’s] a ridiculous use of our resources. This will make us less impactful as we are wasting resources on satisfying an Excel jockey rather than trying to save the planet. “

But environmental activists do not believe it. As Ricardo San Martin, Berkley’s research director on alternative meat programs at the University of California, said, “The dominant narrative from the plant industry and the venture capitalists who support it is that these companies are better for the environment, they are better for the health, they are better for this and better for that … [But] so much of what is in these products is not disclosed. “

San Martin adds, “Everyone has a supply chain, and there is a carbon footprint behind that chain. So no one knows how much greenhouse gases the production of fake meat generates, or “how much water they use.” And until told, activists are unlikely to advocate for a switch from real meat to its plant-based alternatives.


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