The Absolute Best Ways to Store Champagne

Champagne likes a consistent and stable environment. This includes keeping the bottles at a constant temperature and humidity level. Champagne Committee says that two of the three “golden rules” of good Champagne storage are low ambient temperature and generous humidity.

By wine spectatorit is possible to use a refrigerated cabinet or a wine cellar specially designed for Champagne to store the bottles in the short term (Vino Vest say three to four days). However, wine fridges are not ideal for long-term storage of high-end wine or champagne due to micro-vibrations and flashes of light each time the door is opened.

Instead, for longer storage, store your sparkling wines in a wine cellar or the coldest cupboard in your home. The optimum temperature range for Champagne, for Carafeis between 45 degrees and 50 degrees Fahrenheit with controlled humidity. GH Mumm suggests humidity in the range of 60 to 70 F. However, few homes maintain this level of humidity, so look for a low-maintenance humidifier to improve the environment around your Champagne.

Also consider storing champagne separately from still wines, which require different storage environments, including temperature.

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