The 5 Best Whole30 Meal Delivery Services of 2021 for Any Budget



Strict, comprehensive diets like Whole30 aren’t a picnic, especially when every run at Trader Joe’s calls for a cool face mask and tons of hand sanitizer.

Well, folks, it’s 2021. If subscription boxes and online shopping deliveries are bringing you * life * this year, why not combine your love of the mail with your healthy eating goals?

With a Whole30 approved meal delivery service, you get nutritious names delivered right to your door. No preparation or label reading required.

We’ve rounded up the top five meal delivery services that will make your Whole30 trip a whole much easier.

Even if you haven’t been on the Whole30 diet, you’ve probably heard of it.

It’s a (shocking) 30-day plan that resets your eating habits by eliminating several food categories: dairy, grains, sugar, legumes, and alcohol. Removing these things is believed to reduce cravings, create healthy eating habits, and help you identify potential food sensitivities.

This is great, but Whole30 may require more planning than you are used to. If you are not looking to give up your Sunday to meal preparation, a meal delivery service is a convenient way to stay on track.

PSA: Restricting your diet so much can also be unnecessary – or downright dangerous – if you have eating issues.

If you’re eager to break away from alcohol, sugar, and their carbal friends, a Whole30 meal delivery service could save you a lot of cooking time and energy reading labels. Here is our list of the best of the best:

  1. Good food
  2. Paleo on the go
  3. Trifecta Nutrition
  4. Instant cooking
  5. Pete’s paleo

Scroll down to decide if any of these plans are right for you.

1. Good food

Who it’s good for:

  • people with food allergies
  • fine mouths
  • breakfast lunch and dinner

Price for 30 meals: $ 329.70

Cost per serving: Membership meals range from $ 11 to $ 14. A la carte meals are in the range of $ 12 to $ 16.


Sensitive bellies, rejoice! Meals at The Good Kitchen are prepared in a gluten-free, peanut-free and soy-free establishment. In addition, there is a place on the introductory form for food allergies (nuts, dairy products, shellfish, etc.) and food aversions (did mushrooms or pork make you feel sick?).

Ordering Whole30 Compliant Meals is as easy as clicking the “Whole30” filter. Then you can browse through all of your meal options for the month.

Bonus: you won’t pay any additional shipping or handling charges. Continental US shipping charges for these frozen microwave-safe trays are built into the price.

Our favorite thing about The Good Kitchen is the emphasis on sustainability. Meal packaging is recyclable and the meat is pasture raised (or in the case of seafood, Seafood Watch compliant). In addition, the company uses seasonal products as much as possible. #winner

2. Paleo on the go

Who it’s good for:

  • gourmands
  • people who want to know exactly where their food comes from
  • paleo lovers
  • breakfast lunch and dinner

Price for 30 meals: $ 590

Cost per serving: A la carte meals range from $ 17 to $ 29, with reduced prices for packages or memberships. However, there is a minimum of $ 99 for all orders.


Have you ever dreamed of hiring an award-winning private chef? Paleo On The Go meals are all chef-prepared in the company’s grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free commercial kitchen.

And Paleo On The Go takes the tasty, homemade flavor to the next level with a strict supply of ingredients. You can search for farms and ranches that produce your ingredients directly on the company’s website.

There is no doubt that Paleo On The Go is a high quality operation that delivers delicious and nutritious meals, but that quality comes at a pretty steep price. With a minimum order of $ 99 and a monthly plan that will set you back over $ 500, it won’t work for every budget.

3. Trifecta Nutrition

Who it’s good for:

  • athletes
  • people looking to manage their weight
  • lunch and dinner

Price for 30 meals: The price of 28 meals starts at $ 432.

Cost per serving: Meal kits range from $ 10 to $ 14, but you can also compose your meal from entrees and side dishes on the a la carte menu.


Visit the Trifecta Nutrition website and you will see that it is aimed at fitness enthusiasts and those who need help resetting their nutrition to manage their weight.

Meals are offered in six categories:

  • To clean (minimally processed foods)
  • Paleo (legume-free and grain-free meals with an emphasis on lean protein)
  • Keto (cut carbs, boost fats and proteins)
  • Vegan (no animals)
  • Vegetarian (mainly herbal)
  • Classic (pre-portioned macros)

That’s a lot of customization options, but do you know what’s missing? Integer30.

Trifecta Nutrition offers Whole30 compliant meals, but you might find it easier to create your own through the a la carte menu. You’ll save time in the kitchen, but you could spend a few extra minutes browsing the website.

So, why try Trifecta Nutrition? If you want to continue your meal plan subscription after Whole30, you will find plenty of options in this business. Trifecta also delivers its meals fresh and not frozen. ??

4. Instant cooking

Who it’s good for:

  • people who want meals chosen by dietitians
  • anyone who wants to try meal kits on a budget
  • lunch and dinner

Price for 30 meals: from around $ 300

Cost per serving: $ 10 to $ 12, depending on the frequency of your subscription.


Snap Kitchen works a little differently than our other top picks for meal delivery services. Depending on where you live, you will get the meals delivered to your door or pick them up at a local outlet. Find it options in your area here.

While all of the pickup rigamarole can be a huge downside, there’s no denying Snap Kitchen’s fair pricing. Your meals are prepared fresh, never frozen, with ingredients mainly from sustainable sources. Most of the ingredients are also organic.

At Snap Kitchen, you will choose 6 or 12 meals per week. The meals you get can be personalized to suit your specific allergies, preferences and diets, including Whole30. Since the names are chosen by dietitians, you will also get a full overview of the nutrition and ingredients of each dish.

5. Pete’s paleo

Who it’s good for:

  • farm-to-table fans
  • meat eaters and broth drinkers
  • lunch and dinner

Price for 30 meals: from around $ 450

Cost per serving: $ 15 to $ 16 per meal subscription or $ 16 to $ 19 per à la carte meal.


Paleo eaters love Pete’s Paleo for their simple, seasonal menus. The options change weekly based on what’s fresh and available. That makes it great for the farm-to-table crowd, but it also means you * might * get meals that don’t tick all of the Whole30 boxes.

Here’s what to expect from all Pete’s Paleo meals:

It’s pretty easy to do with the company’s “Eat What You Like” plan, which lets you choose five meals from the menu, but that customization comes at a slightly higher price.

Regular weekly plans include 5 to 20 servings of options for lunch and dinner. We would say it’s 10/10 for healthy food options, 7/10 for ease of use during Whole30.


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