The 5 Best Label Makers of 2022

✔️ Connectivity: Does preparing and printing labels require pressing a few keys on a keyboard or do you need to download an app and connect via Bluetooth to create your label? While being able to prepare labels directly on the device is easier for some, connectivity to external sources, like a smartphone or computer, is good to consider and often offers more customization options.

✔️ Design: Since you may be creating hundreds of labels at one time, does the label maker have a compact size or ergonomic features, like contoured edges for a comfortable grip? You should check that the machine is not too heavy, since you will be holding it in your hand. Also, does it have a screen where you can preview your label before printing, and is it big enough to see clearly? Screen sizes may vary a bit from model to model.

✔️ Settings: Check the number of fonts, styles, and symbols, as well as the templates or layout options your label maker has. Some label makers will even let you create custom designs with your own images and graphics.

✔️ Band: “Not all machines can handle all kinds of tapes, and some require proprietary tapes,” says Rachel. If you want to use ribbons or decorative tape, for example, make sure the label maker is compatible with specialty tapes or is craft-oriented. “Also make sure it can handle the size of tape you want for the labels,” she suggests.

✔️ Cost: “Consider not only the cost of the machine or potential batteries, but also the cost of the tape,” advises Rachel. Be sure to budget for this so you don’t get any surprises, as not all bands are priced the same.

✔️ Battery: Label makers are battery-operated, so you’ll have to decide whether you want a model that requires alkaline batteries or one that has a built-in rechargeable battery that you typically charge with a USB cable. While our pros think it’s easier to go with a refillable label maker, we suggest you go with whatever feels easier to you.

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