Tejaswini: Financing female entrepreneurship



There are many other entrepreneurial opportunities which include educational services (online and in person), architecture, design, event management, bookkeeping, accounting, agriculture, food products , the polyclinic, solutions for the home, application development, professional services, health and fitness centers, laundry, nursery, photography, food and catering, digital economy, IT services, online store, skills, etc. . The availability of a diverse market in both rural and urban areas, coupled with the incentives offered under the program, would make any of these businesses profitable.

Female entrepreneurship: other sectors with an emerging demand all these years but still well below the desired levels. The census also recorded barely 5.9% of women as employees. It is here that self-employment or entrepreneurship programs like Tejaswini can do wonders in providing gainful employment for women in the industries of their choice and creating a chain reaction for job creation as opportunities arise. commercial development.


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