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The beloved fall season is near and we’re ready to swap our summer wardrobe for some fun layers and boots. However, we encourage you not to dust off those basic black combat boots, as it’s time to level up and strut the streets in proper footwear that elevates your style. Sunni Dixon’s sunni sunni has exactly what we all need to accomplish the chic, yet super cool fall look.

Dixon is a DC native based in the concrete jungle where dreams are made – New York. Prior to establishing himself as a trusted shoe designer, he worked in the industry for eight years near the product development, merchandising and purchasing category. In the middle of these years, Sunni also completed an apprenticeship with a shoemaker. The path of the young designer to meet Boris (the shoemaker) deserves to be deepened. In Dixon’s first two years of living in New York City, he was evicted from his apartment with his roommate for unfortunate discrimination, which led to the two roommates creating a home in the vintage stores they worked in. In the midst of their unique stay, Dixon met Boris, who has created avant-garde silhouettes for footwear and worked with emerging brands like HBA. Dixon seized the opportunity to follow the shoemaker and delve deeper into his obsession with shoes foreshadowing a blessing in disguise.

Dixon took the conceptual approach to the shoe and created his eponymous brand, Sunni Sunni. At the start of the brand, he shared his designs with potential investors. “I literally made people laugh at them,” Dixon said. However, the reluctance did not deter the determined designer from self-financing his futuristic concepts. After launching, his business quickly attracted a loyal following as well as celebrities such as Dwyane Wade and Lil Nas X. so over-prepared that I went much further than I thought at the time, ”says the designer. . “And now I feel a lot more confident in everything I do.”

Sunni Sunni’s first official collection was well received and appreciated by all genres, which prompted the designer to intentionally develop genderless models with unisex sizes in his upcoming collections. “I want to do things that are not just genderless, but even things that correspond to different forms. I want to make sure that even though it’s unisex, it’s still a piece, ”he explains. Among the brand’s assortment you will find heeled mules, square-toed ankle boots and buttery smooth leather. Its unique constructions and progressive design approach offer the perfect package to stay ahead of fashion trends while remaining sophisticated.

Building a solid foundation is shaping an exciting future for the designer as the Black-owned brand will be featured at Saks Fifth Avenue – adding another dealer to the brand’s roster alongside APOC. Sunni Sunni will present itself to the luxury retailer’s customers with its Fall 2021 collection. Its next collection will also be a gradual step towards becoming an eco-responsible brand. The shoes will be made from vegetable tanned leathers, uppers and heels, replacing a chemical dyeing technique. Becoming a sustainable fashion brand doesn’t happen overnight, especially when you want to maintain conceptual, high-end luxury. However, Sunni is clear on identifying specific goals to become a greener brand each season. “Sometimes durability doesn’t have to do with the material, but it can focus on where it’s made or the people who make it,” he says. “Sometimes the level of the product doesn’t have the most impact. Factory workers can create homes at the factory, so they don’t have to go home without infrastructure – understanding your supply chain which is deeply important.

Check out more of Dixon’s thoughts to come.

ESSENCE: How did you feel seeing your brand adopted by so many fashion and entertainment personalities?

Sunni: I have a late reaction. It only struck me at the beginning of this year because everything was going so fast. He does feel good, however. As if that wasn’t great, it’s amazing. When Lil Nas X started carrying my stuff I thought it was really cool. And Luka’s placement was hot too. I’m more affected by people who I consider to be performance-enhancing artists and if we cross paths and they buy it, like a lot of my stuff is bought from my shoots, it instills a different level of confidence.

ESSENCE: Is there anyone in particular you would like to see as Sunni Sunni?

Sunni: No, I don’t consider anyone to be the image of my brand. When I think of people carrying my stuff, I think of real people – I’m not so star gazed at. It means more to me when I see them walking down the street than on a set.

ESSENCE: Do you have an interest in using your design experience in other categories?

Sunni: What I understand from myself is that I am a shoe designer. In the area of ​​shoes, there will be other categories that I will cover. And the jewelry on some of my boots, I designed them myself, so I think there will always be crosses – mixed media. I don’t know, maybe a shirt will connect to your boot someday.

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