Style Summer to Fall 3 Ways: A Dress Transition Lesson from Glamorous Editors

There’s always that day, after Labor Day, when it seems like Mother Nature is officially telling her that summer is Finished. Suddenly there is a chill and the air is chilly, until 24 hours later it is sweltering again. Welcome to those short weeks of do-it-all style: when you’re not quite ready to put away your summer dresses, but are also eager to debut some fall pieces.

How you spend these weeks will depend on your location and lifestyle, and who you spend them with: one last cocktail on the rooftop? A first date at sunset? Or a weekend of apple picking? But no matter what your plans, Nine West has the perfect pair (or more!) of shoes for every occasion, from warm to cool weather. Below are three Charm editors with very different personal styles talk about how they’ll live their best life as they say goodbye to summer and kick off fall – and the Nine West shoes they’ll wear while doing it.

NAME AND TITLE Ariana Yaptangco, Beauty Editor

PERSONAL STYLE I like street style clothes, but also more refined and feminine things. Fashion is something I like to have fun with and I’m always experimenting with colors and patterns. My outfit definitely depends on my mood that day!

SUMMER TO FALL PLANS I will spend time with my friends and family, spend time outdoors and travel! I will take everything the trips I haven’t been able to take in the past two years.

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