Simple ways to wear a down jacket


You might think the best way to go about down jackets is to keep them short, fitted, and close to the body, especially if you’re looking to flatter your figure and make your outfit as timeless as possible. Maybe these Gucci North Face oversized jackets just aren’t for you, and if you’re planning on going for a puffer jacket, you to know you need something classic and tailored. Well, all of your previous prejudices can be overturned as soon as you get a good look at elongated puffs hitting the knee or below. Not only are they warm, but the long puffer jackets are extremely chic, allowing a glimpse of sophisticated territory in cold weather in no time at all.

According to Glamor, full-length bouffants that hit you at the knee or below are the epitome of a statement piece and should be treated as such. The outlet recommends going for a super-feminine, leather-like version, especially anything that has buttons and a delicate collar. Complete the look with heels, a puffy clutch and simple lines underneath for a look that takes you from early fall to peak winter. L’Officiel recommends balancing your long puffer jacket with minimal bulk underneath, suggesting wearing it with contoured, tight leggings. Yet, as countless street style stars attest, a long puffer jacket also looks great with black flared pants, chunky platforms, sunglasses, and a shoulder strap for on-the-go chic. Likewise, straight leg jeans, sneakers and a classic sweater also complement this look perfectly.


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