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When it comes to women’s wristwatches, the strengths of different types of watch straps vary. The silicone strap is widely considered the best and is widely used in high end watches today. Silicone watches have attracted a lot of attention due to their unique features. In addition, silicone watch straps can be made of PU or synthetic. Moreover, the ideal accessory today is a luxury watch with a silicone strap because the fashion for leather and chain bracelets is now moving towards silicone-based watches that are easy to carry and comfortable. Indeed, it protects your high-end watch from wear and tear. A silicone strap is an ideal accessory for your high-end watch, allowing you to wear it with casual wear while maintaining its durability. Silicone watch straps, unlike other materials, are both inexpensive and durable. They can also withstand conditions that would otherwise damage your watch. A silicone watch strap will always perform consistently whether your watch is from a luxury brand or not.

Here are some of the best silicone strap watches for women:


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Women’s watches fall into a set of trends. Wearing good silicone strap watches surely enhances a woman’s attire. Also, to provide you with some of the best silicone strap watches for women, first here is the Giordano Analog Women’s Watch which has a unique transparent dial that allows you to see through the watch while wearing it on your wrist. Additionally, any wristwatch connoisseur would appreciate this Giordano women’s analog watch because of its brilliant design. The see-through dial is housed in a 34 millimeter round case with three standard hands and a crown to set the time. Plus, the watch’s black silicone strap is a nice finishing touch. It also has a buckle closure for a secure fit around the wrist.

Chumbak Women’s Let’s Get Lost Wrist Watch

Next on the list of best silicone strap watches for women is this beautifully printed strap watch for women made by Chumbak. This Chumbak watch is one of the most stylish women’s watches you will ever come across. Its silicone strap is made of high quality printed silicone that will be comfortable even after wearing it for long hours. When it comes to its design, the multicolored and printed pattern on the strap gives this watch a head start in detail and style. On the other hand, the dial of this watch is black in color with “Let’s Get Lost” written on it.

Speaking of high-end and high-quality watches, this Fastrack Women’s Black Color Analog Watch cannot be overlooked. This gorgeous black ladies’ watch has a class of its own. Available at such an affordable price, it is something you should not miss. Moreover, this brilliant Fastrack analog watch comes with a pure black silicone strap and a beautiful black and white dial which gives it a more upscale sporty look. On the dial, this analog Fastrack watch has marked numbers in white color, which gives it a super exclusive look.

Topping the list of stylish silicone strap watches for women priced under $20,000 is this classic Giordano analog white women’s watch. This white colored watch has an exquisite dial covered with a beautiful gold border on the outside which gives this watch a much more upscale look. Moreover, its pure white strap blends perfectly with this gold and white dial to give it an exquisite look from the outside. This watch has a 34mm dial with a 14mm wide strap and is also water resistant to 30m.

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Titan Neo Gray Dial Analog Watch

Following the list of best watches for women, here comes this beautifully designed gray colored watch from Titan. This Titan Analog Gray Dial Watch in Gray Color is of premium quality that ensures it will be on your hand for a long time. Additionally, this basic yet stylish watch comes with a simple gray dial covered in premium gold-tone metal. In addition, this Titan Neo analog watch has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Wearing this watch to any formal event will surely give your style statement a head start.

Chumbak Folksy Owl Women’s Wristwatch

Next on the list of stylish and affordable wristwatches for women is this Chumbak Folksy Owl wristwatch. Made with high quality PU strap, this watch from Chumbak is one of the best and best designed silicone strap watches for women. Its shiny PU strap adds to the design of this watch from Chumbak. Moreover, its beautifully designed dial with a peacock themed painting is something that will surely do you well with this Chumbak Folksy Owl wrist watch for women. Wearing this watch to any traditional function with good ethnic clothing will make your attire look better than ever.

Fastrack Analog Watch Pink Dial

Moving ahead on this list of the best quality silicone strap watches for women, here is this Fastrack pink dial analog watch. This Fastrack watch is designed with a beautiful dial and pink straps. The natural pink color watch has a dial that has a beautiful pink texture done brilliantly making it a much better watch. In addition, its aluminum-based case protects this watch from shocks that could affect the glass and the dial, which makes it more durable than other watches. However, this watch from Fastrack is available at a very affordable price on different e-commerce sites.

Fastrack Hip Hop Ladies Watch

Moving forward with this silicone strap watch for women price list, here is another watch from Fastrack and unlike the previous one, this watch is just as sleek and solid. This white Fastrack silicone strap has an exquisite white dial with crystal shaped stones studded around a gold colored bezel that makes it look like a very high end watch. Moreover, its silicone strap is also made of a premium fabric that perfectly matches this golden white dial. Wearing this watch at a party will surely make people around you a bit jealous.

Silicone Watches for Women-FAQ

  1. Are silicone watch straps durable?
    In fact, silicone rubber is resistant to high temperatures. Silicone rubber, on the other hand, has a significantly lower tensile strength than organic rubbers. Therefore, when designing products capable of withstanding even minor loads, care should be taken.
  2. What considerations should I take into account when buying a women’s watch?
    Here are some of the things to consider when buying the perfect silicone women’s watch1. Whatever your budget, select a fashionable watch design.2. Choose a top quality watch.3. Select the appropriate size.4. Choose a women’s watch with the movement of your choice.
  3. For women, what color watch goes with everything?
    A more neutral color, such as silver or beige, can complement a wide range of skin tones and physical characteristics in women. Gold and platinum are also very versatile in this respect, which is fortunate given the abundance of high-end watches made from these metals.

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