Seattle Kraken Sports Fashion Style Guide



Stylist Darcy Camden shares four ways fans can show their love for hockey.

SEATTLE – Looking for new ways to style your hair to support the Seattle Kraken?

Stylist Darcy Camden has concocted four more everyday looks.

First – for women – an editorial way of wearing a best-selling swimsuit.

“Rule number one: buy it oversized. You want it to be almost like a dress,” Camden said. “And then you wear something really fitted underneath like leggings or skinny jeans. Then we accessorize with kind of edgy details – a Kraken beanie, we made a leather jacket and a tote bag. . “

Then: a subtle urban style.

“Sometimes people want to do something a little more unexpectedly, so I love this t-shirt which is a collaboration with Filson,” she said. “I love this kind of super trendy Kraken sweatshirt. (And) water bottles or key chains are a great way to show off your team spirit big or small.”

For fans who have to rush from the office to the game, go for business casual.

“We layered two pieces here, we have a hybrid sweatshirt / quarter-zip sweater piece, and then we put a great gilet on top of it,” Camden said. “He could absolutely go to a business meeting then.”

The fourth look involves something Darcy says works for everyone: the Kraken’s signature color, ice blue.

“I think it’s a color that looks great on anyone, which is great because it comes in unisex sweatshirts,” she said.

She paired it with an asymmetric jacket that only whispers “hockey”.

“The store is full of items that you would just want to buy anyway and have in your wardrobe that have just a little Seattle Kraken hint,” Camden said.

There is also a range of clothing for babies / toddlers / children.

Veteran broadcaster and Kraken presenter Ross Fletcher said he’s never seen such a large selection in professional sports.

“It’s amazing how many things I would say, ‘I would buy this, I would buy this’ – I’m going to ruin myself, I really am,” he said with a laugh.

The pieces are available at the Kraken Flagship Store in Chandler’s Cove in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle.


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