Retail trends evident in new Evereve flagship store in Edina



Evereve’s new flagship store in France’s 50th and shopping district is designed to highlight how customers can connect with each other and with what they wear.

Even in the age of digital shopping and quick home deliveries, physical stores offer a sense of connection and human interaction that cannot be replicated, said Megan Tamte, co-founder and co-CEO of Evereve, a chain of women’s clothing based here which has over 90 stores across the country.

“People like to connect and come together and they like a second opinion and they like someone to challenge them and dare them to wear something that they didn’t think they could wear,” Tamte said.

The new flagship, she said, is a testament to the chain’s commitment to growing its portfolio of brick and mortar locations, hitting new store sales records. But it also reflects today’s retail world with strategically designed locker rooms for fashion shows live broadcast on social media.

While Evereve stores typically have some sort of built-in salon, Edina’s new flagship space – formerly occupied by Steele Fitness and Tooth X Nail – can be reconfigured for in-store events such as fundraisers or book signings. .

Studio BV, who designed the new store, used warm materials like the light wood that envelops the circular checkout counter to create a warm and upscale atmosphere.

“We wanted people to feel that there is a bit of whimsy and playfulness and that there is a lot of sophistication,” said Betsy Vohs, Managing Director of Studio BV.

The new Edina store has 6,400 square feet of retail space, almost double the old Edina store. The larger footprint allows the store to significantly expand its inventory of women’s footwear as well as jackets, jewelry and accessories.

It was important to Tamte that the store stay in Edina, where she and her husband Mike opened their first store in 2004 and where their office is located.

“I am always very moved about the 50th and France and the way the community reacted,” said Megan Tamte. “It’s such a special place for me personally, but [also] for our entire brand. “

The company plans to open about half a dozen stores this year, including in new markets in California and Florida, bringing Evereve’s store count to 100 by the end of the year.

Brick and mortar sales at Evereve stores are up 35% from the same period two years ago and are now at the highest level ever for the company. Online sales have also increased. Last year, sales fell 11% due to the pandemic.

“We want to continue to develop the stores,” said Megan Tamte. “We absolutely believe in brick and mortar. We know that, yes, there is a customer online and that is part of the customer experience, but we also believe in the power of human connection at the same time.”


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