PS3 and Vita virtual outlets will no longer be satisfied with certain fee choices very quickly



Sony returns to the virtual library issue on these platforms, but nothing was mentioned after a few general shutdowns.

Sony has simply introduced a great alternative on learning how to virtual points of sale PS3 and PS Vita platforms, which could make it difficult to buy groceries online for positive customers. Of October twenty-seventh, no one will be able to use bank cards, debit cards, or fee strategies like PayPal, to buy virtual content or download finance from their PS3 or PS Vita.

The alternation will take place on October 27.“To purchase virtual content on your PS3 or Vita, you must download finance enough on the pockets of your PlayStation dealer ”, reads the good remark made by Sony. For this reason, even assuming that you no longer have the option of uploading money to your account from these platforms, you will still be ready to act (with all fee strategies available) from there. ‘a PS4, PS5, the respectable website on PC or even the appliance on mobile phones.

Using this system you will be able to download finance and buy later any content in each virtual point of sale. It will be an extended procedure, but at least we will still be able to have access to everything that each virtual store offers, which will not undergo any change after this transfer.

Image from PlayStation Network

Before now, Sony announced the permanent closure of the PS Retailer on PSP, Vita and PS3. A few days later, on the other hand, the company changed its mind, and especially the virtual retailer of PSP it used to be the one that closed completely.

We do not know if this transfer via Sony is the beginning of another check general closure of these virtual outlets, this time sporadically, to avoid the effects caused by the main advertisement.

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