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LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Once you see it, you can’t see it anymore.

Fascinating line art and character designs have popped up all over town on murals, inside clothing stores and cafes, on ceilings and on floors.

Go out in Las Vegas and you’ll more than likely end up stumbling upon artwork by Adam Rellah, the man behind the art brand Pretty Done.


Her distinctive style even caught the eye of Las Vegas Strip headliner Usher, who recently ordered custom paint and shoes.

“It was delivered to her in her dressing room by Caesars,” Rellah said. “I haven’t heard from him but I heard he likes it.”

Pretty Done / @ PrettyDone

Custom sneakers designed by Pretty Done for Usher. (Pretty Done / @ PrettyDone)

Rellah describes her style as abstract pop. It can be fascinating to watch him create.

“A lot of it is freestyle and just made up on the fly,” he said.

This spontaneity is the same approach he takes to music as a DJ. Originally from Ohio, he started DJing in Florida before moving to Vegas in 2010.


Pretty Done was born in Vegas.

“When I moved here I had a lot of free time, so I really put a lot of pen on paper,” Rellah said.

His first mural was painted in 2017 for Ferguson’s alley downtown. That same year, his mural on 7th Street and Carson Avenue was done at the entrance to Life is Beautiful.

“It’s sort of my main permanent flagship mural downtown,” he said. “It’s a bit big for me.”

Rellah is preparing to create a new piece for this year’s festival, which takes place September 17-19. Check back for more on this.

pretty deon 7th carson.jpeg

quite done

The western section of the 7th Street and Carson Avenue wall, where you can find the Pretty Done mural originally done for Life is Beautiful in 2017 (Pretty Done)


Pretty Done art makes a perfect backdrop for selfies. Take Rellah’s space at the Fashion Show Mall on the Las Vegas Strip, for example.

“I have an exhibition there that lasted all summer,” he said. “‘Summertime Happiness.'”

Rellah calls “Summertime Happiness” a retail space that is not a retail sale.

“You go there and appreciate the works of art,” he said. “You can take pictures, play games, dance to the music I’m playing there. There is music 24/7. ”

It’s a great place to take photos for Instagram and as a bonus, “Summertime Happiness” has no entry fee. It’s completely free to use it.

You can find the exhibit on the second level near Neiman Marcus.

Screenshot 03/09/2021 at 01.02.14 PM.png

Amy Abdelsayed, 13 Action News

A wall inside Pretty Done’s “Summertime Happiness” exhibit at the Fashion Show Mall in August 2021. (Amy Abdelsayed, 13 Action News)


Meanwhile, Instagram is a great place to find some funny surprises from Rellah.

“I post several times a day. I create a lot of things, which is why I post so much,” he said.

In addition to showcasing her completed work, Rellah also frequently shares videos of work in progress. The videos of him painting are some of the most satisfying to watch.

“I try to show people the consistency in work ethic and dedication it takes to make something grow from nothing.”

He recently started using his social media for other things too. Every now and then he advertises “art drops” on his mural on Carson and 7th.

“I pull a bunch of paints and products from my studio that have accumulated over the years that I want to give to people,” he said. “So I’m going to drop off a bunch of products that people can pick up and share, show off in their homes, and collect.”

Rellah says art drops are a win-win. “It’s a great way to develop new fans and share the love of art.”

“Also, clean up my studio,” he added.

You can follow him on Instagram at @PrettyDone.


Amy Abdelsayed, 13 Action News

Adam Rellah, aka Pretty Done, holds up a free piece of art available for pickup at an art depot on his flagship 7th Street and Carson Avenue mural on August 17, 2021 (Amy Abdelsayed, 13 Action News)


Ultimately, Rellah says with Pretty Done that he just wants people to feel good.

“When people see my art, I want them to feel happy,” he said before adding, “joy, positive, inspiration. Weird, funny.

You can find his work all over town, including his flagship mural inside 7th and Carson’s parking lot, at several locations inside AREA15, on the ceiling of Makers and Finders downtown. from Summerlin, downtown Ferguson, Discopussy, the Alt Rebel clothing store in the Arts District, inside the Fashion Show Mall, and the Marquee inside the Cosmopolitan on the Las Vegas Strip.


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