PetDine focuses on private label cat products



Leading private label pet food manufacturer PetDine is expanding its cat portfolio. PetDine is now creating cat-specific soft kibble, partnering with customers to meet a growing segment of the pet food space.

“Almost 38% of US households include cats and more owners than ever are committed to providing their pets with beneficial supplements,” said Preston Munsch, CEO of PetDine. “PetDine provides state-of-the-art pet supplement manufacturing, which means consumers can trust our private label client brands to deliver optimal health benefits using ingredients that are safe for their friends. felines. “

PetDine cat food join the company’s product portfolio for sale under private label. The announcement of the new product’s launch comes a few weeks after nutritional food leader ADM expanded into the companion animal industry, purchase of a majority stake in four private label pet companies, including PetDine. PetDine had a solid year, creation of a new test center in July.

PetDine’s manufacturing process adheres to Safe Quality Food Code (SQF), which is recognized as one of the most rigorous and comprehensive food safety and quality standards in the world. Customers can choose from over 300 unique and premium ingredients, including sustainable recycled food, which come from verified and certified suppliers. PetDine’s soft chews are made with a proprietary process that does not require heat, water, or exfoliating agents, which can reduce the quality and integrity of supplements. The company says comprehensive testing has shown that PetDine’s Soft Cat Food has an average palatability and acceptance rate 30% higher by cats than the current industry average.

“Our entire team of experts partner with customers every step of the way in the pet supplementation process to bring custom formulated products to market,” said Devin Sanders, National Sales Director for PetDine. “Consumers actively seek daily support for anxiety, joint pain, digestive and urinary problems, allergies and other issues that cats face. Supplements for cats are a growing need within the companion animal industry which we are delighted to meet, supported by our extensive research and product development over the past 12 months.


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