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During the second quarter, HPCL achieved a domestic sales volume of 8.79 MMT compared to 8.10 MMT of the previous year for the same period, which represents a growth of more than 8%.

New Delhi: Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited reported profit after tax (PAT) of Rs 1,924 crore for the quarter ended September 30, 2021 compared to a PAT of Rs 1,795 crore for the previous quarter recording growth of 7.2%. For the period April to September 2021, HPCL recorded a PAT of Rs 3,719 crore. Gross sales for the quarter amounted to Rs 87,311 crore compared to Rs 61,340 crore in the corresponding period of the previous year. For the period April to September 21, HPCL recorded gross sales of Rs 1,64,619 crore compared to Rs 1,07,225 crore of the corresponding period of the previous year.

During the second quarter, HPCL achieved a domestic sales volume of 8.79 MMT compared to 8.10 MMT of the previous year for the same period, which represents a growth of more than 8%. HPCL’s domestic sales for the April-September 2021 period were 17.24 MMT compared to the corresponding sales of 15.34 MMT the previous year, showing growth of 12%. The main petroleum product showed growth, with ATF sales of 63%, MS 23%, HSD 15% and LPG 4% during the period April-September 2021. Compared to the same period the previous year.

Mumbai HPCL Refinery completed one of the most complex reorganization and connection works in the Mumbai Refinery Expansion Project this quarter for which the Mumbai Refinery had closed since April 2021. Work on the Mumbai Refinery Expansion Project is completed. The main units are commissioned and are at an advanced stage of stabilization. This will increase the production capacity of the Mumbai refinery from 7.5 MMTPA to 9.5 MMTPA with improved energy efficiency. The CDU III unit at the Visakh refinery, which suffered a fire in May 2021, was restarted after completing the necessary inspection and repair activities. The Visakh refinery is now operating at full capacity. Despite the above, HPCL refineries processed 5.04 million metric tonnes of crude from April to September 2021. The pipeline throughput for the period from April to September 2021 is 9.09 MMT.

The combined GRM for the period July-September 2021 is US $ 2.44 per barrel, compared to US $ 5.11 per barrel for the corresponding previous period. The combined GRM for the April-September 2021 semester is $ 2.87 per barrel compared to $ 2.58 per barrel in the previous corresponding period. The GRM, although aided by better product cracks, was impacted due to a higher fuel and loss component due to shutdown, start-up and stabilization activities at both refineries. GRM was also affected due to the rise in the price of crude. HPCL reported a consolidated PAT of Rs 3,923 crore for the period April-September 2021 compared to Rs. 5,228 crore in the corresponding period of the previous year.

During the quarter, 440 new outlets were commissioned, bringing the total retail outlet network to 19,216 in September 2021. HPCL also commissioned 11 new LPG dealerships during the quarter, bringing the total of LPG concessions to 6,208 in September 2021. During the quarter, HPCL commissioned 517 solar installations in its outlets, bringing the total number to 5,192 OR with solar installations.

To ensure the availability of alternative fuels and offer more choice to customers, CNG plants were commissioned at 135 retail outlets from April to September 2021, bringing the total number of retail outlets with CNG facilities at 809. In September 2021, EV charging facilities were provided. at 327 stations were supplied in HPCL points of sale. 487 mobile vending machines have also been put into service.

During the quarter, HPCL launched its “Happy Store” branded store in Mumbai, making a foray into fuel-less retail. HPCL plans to establish additional HP Club “happy shops” in Mumbai and other major cities across the country at its retail outlets. To meet the growing number of premium vehicles, HPCL has also launched power 100, ultra-premium grade gasoline with an octane rating of 100. In addition, to extend digital payment options to customers, HPCL has also enabled fuel payments using ICICI Bank FASTag which has been integrated into HPCL’s Drive Truck Plus loyalty program for commercial and fleet customers.

Towards the promotion of biofuels in transportation, HPCL continued to participate in the ethanol blending program and achieved an overall ethanol blending percentage of 8.96%, which is the highest in the industry over the past year. first semester. During the quarter, HPCL started ethanol blending in Sikkim and thus completed ethanol blending in all states / UTs of India. HPCL also issued 76 Letters of Intent during the period April to September 2021 for Compressed Biogas (CBG), bringing the total Letters of Intent issued to date to 227 with a production capacity of 466 TMTPA from CBG.

The HPCL R&D center in Bengaluru has received 110 patents, including many international patents, over the past 5 years, making it one of the fastest growing R&D facilities in India. 53 POL locations were converted to “smart terminals” in September 2021, with end-to-end automation for increased operational efficiency, security and convenience for stakeholders.

Work on major projects such as HPCL Visakh Refinery Modernization Project (VRMP), Rajasthan Refinery Project (HRRL), Chhara LNG Regasification Terminal, Vijayawada-Dharmapuri Product Pipeline, the Hassan-Cherlapalli LPG pipeline, the Barmer-Palanpur product pipeline, etc. are progressing well.

Publication date : 03-11-21


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