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Botanical ingredients to nourish hair

Sabrina Rowe, professionally known as Sabs, is a celebrity hairstylist who has styled the manes of an eclectic list of clients who are who. Native of New York, this 3rd Generation Hairstylist who followed in the footsteps of the family had to prove themselves every step of the way. Attracting a list of clients including Phoebe Robinson, Ilana Glazer, Uzo Aduba, Elaine Welteroth, Sasheer Zamata, Annie Murphy, Dulcé Sloan, Abbi Jacobson, Adrian Grenier, Nore Davis and many more, Sabs continued to impress the matriarchs of the family with her gifted hairdressing skills. Her styles have graced the pages of photo shoots for elite fashion magazines such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Glamor, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Purple Magazine and V.

Her renowned stylist chair which serves a variety of clients has offered her intimate insight into the needs of a variety of hair textures. Over her twenty year career, Sabs has used her innate intuitive senses to tame nature, express naturalness, straighten curls, and curl the straightest braids to achieve unique styles using her natural skills and grooming products. safest capillaries available.

As she busied herself with her busy chair, beautifully creating exotic personal styles for women, men, non-binary and anyone who requested her services, she developed a vision for a line of natural hair care products that would meet her needs and enhance the styling experience of all its customers. The 2020 pandemic has put a damper on businesses around the world, especially personal care.

Instead of going through the disaster of an empty hairdressing chair day after day, Ms Rowe pursued a dream that had been brewing in her mind for years. Now offered the luxury of time, she began the journey of creating NTRL by Sabs, (pronounced Natural by Sabs) her all-natural dreamy personal care brand. Sabrina went to cosmetic formulation school with a specialization in natural hair care. As soon as her first formulas were finalized and packaged, her samples became in demand by customers who couldn’t see her in person due to pandemic restrictions. It was then that she realized that the next step in her career had evolved and that NTRL by Sabs was born.

Expressing her joy at having successfully turned her dream into reality, Sabrina Rowe, Sabs said, “NTRL by Sabs’ first product offerings were formulated with textured hair in mind. It was important that the brand’s foundation supported hair like mine. Due to my extremely diverse salon chair, I have had a clear mission for years to meet the needs of all hair types that I have encountered, for everyone. My everyday salon clients, my high end fashion shoots, as well as the celebrity roster all had unique hair needs and textures, ranging from straight to curl. I wanted a collection that would offer something for every hair.

The line includes traditional shampoos and conditioners rich in botanical ingredients such as shea butter, chamomile, coconut and avocado oil. There are sustainable, zero waste options in the collection like shampoo, conditioner, and lotion bars. Created with a focus on results, with luxury and affordability in mind, there’s a lot to love about NTRL by Sabs.

The mission of NTRL by Sabs is clear, to provide products, advice and texture information to anyone who wants cleaner, long-lasting beauty products that strengthen while being soft, natural and healthy for the head and hair.

NTRL by Sabs targets an unlimited audience of ageless and genderless people who want to express their individuality. NTRL by Sabs’ initial product offerings focused on textured and colored hair. The line was instantly accepted and received rave reviews, which led to the immediate expansion of the planned product line. Today, NTRL by Sabs offers formulas for every texture, age and hair color. The natural formulations are kid-friendly and loved by moms, while being senior-approved for the most wisdom-filled hair on the planet.

The NTRL by Sabs product line is available 24/7 with fast shipping and enhanced customer service at https://www.ntrlbysabs.com/

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