Noida Metro: New stations will have commercial space



The Noida Metro will build stations on the proposed Noida-Greater Noida Corridor on the Delhi Metro lines with commercial spaces for restaurants, outlets and bars.

At present, the Aqua Line, operated by the Noida Metro, does not have such space and its sources of income are ticket sales and advertising. Delhi Metro’s formula for stations, Noida Metro general manager Ritu Maheshwari said will help earn more.

“We have decided to develop more commercial spaces in all the metro stations to be built on this new corridor. We observed that Delhi metro stations have commercial spaces. Therefore, we decided to increase the floor area ratio to use as much space as possible for business purposes in order to generate more income, ”said Maheshwari, who is also the CEO of Noida Authority. .

But for that to happen, the authority must change its building regulations and the 2031 city master plan to increase the floor area ratio to 4.5 from the current 2.5. This will allow the Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) to use greater ground and vertical coverage for commercial purposes. Authority officials said they had started this process and it should be completed soon. The changes will be applicable to the Metro project only.

“The stations will be able to function as small shopping malls in a way, wherever there is sufficient space, thus generating more income,” said an official in the Noida authority, who is not authorized to speak to the media.

The NMRC will construct five metro stations on the 9.15 km corridor that will branch out from the Aqua Line Sector 51 metro station and connect to Sector 2 of Greater Noida West. The corridor will then be extended by almost 6 km to reach Knowledge Park 5 in Greater Noida and four other stations en route.


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