New book helps people discover their brain type, why they do what they do and how to do it better


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OVERRIDE by Dr. David Kipper and Dr. Connell Cowan

Your brain is constantly seeking comfort. How you behave comes down to how hardwired you are, embedded in your inherited neurochemistry.

—Connell Cowan and David Kipper

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, Sept. 27, 2022 / — Based on current scientific advances in neurotransmitters, a new book, OVERRIDE by Dr. David Kipper and Dr. Connell Cowan, reveals a clear path for overcome the bad habits that sabotage our success in career, love and healthy life.

People’s brains are constantly searching for comfort. Whether it’s recovering from a stressful event that gets their adrenaline pumping or the slow drip of low-altitude stress, how people behave comes down to how they are hardwired, grounded in their inherited neurochemistry.

People’s neurochemistry places them in one of two tribes: swords are coded to be particularly sensitive to stimulation, novelty, reward, and external expression, while world shields are coded to be more sensitive to avoiding harm and danger, by internalizing emotions. Each coping style has strengths as well as a range of behavioral shortcomings. The coping styles that revert to under stress have evolved to help people survive, but they are also the source of some of the most destructive and stubborn behaviors.

OVERRIDE: Discovering your brain type, why you do what you do, and how to do it better offers a fascinating theory: understanding people’s chemical tendencies explains how they trigger their stress relief, and by understanding their tendencies they can take healthy life decisions for the best. In an uplifting, illuminating and often funny style, readers will move from identifying their personal neurotypes – through a simple and precise test – to understanding their vulnerabilities, and stepping out of self-destructive patterns to effect meaningful change with an approach scientific.

OVERRIDE details people’s struggles, both dopamine and seratonin, and shows how, with them, the authors have found a path to change that can start this minute and last a lifetime. Complete with easy-to-use strategies and exercises, here are engaging micro and macro insights into iconic human issues, backed by the latest scientific research into why we are the way we are.

Combining groundbreaking research with inspiring and revealing real-life stories of struggle and transformation, OVERRIDE will reveal its DNA blueprint, providing a practical, easy-to-grasp, yet groundbreaking framework for achieving the life you truly want.

OVERRIDE is available on Amazon and other popular outlets where the books are sold.


Dr. Connell Cowan (Los Angeles, CA) is a clinical psychologist. He co-wrote Smart Women/Foolish Choices, a bestseller that spawned a whole genre of books dealing with gender dilemmas. The book spent nearly a year on the New York Times bestseller list, sold millions of copies, was published in 23 different languages, and was made into a hit musical. Her second book, Women Men Love/Women Men Leave, also became an NYT bestseller. Husbands & Wives completed the relationship trio. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows and his writing has appeared in a number of international journals, magazines and newspapers. Dr. Cowan also established the Human Sciences Center in Los Angeles, a nonprofit research and treatment facility funded in part by a grant from the Eli Lilly Foundation. The innovative work he has developed at the Center has been featured on CBS’ 60 Minutes. He has taught at the California School of Professional Psychology and the UCLA School of Public Health. Along with his writing and clinical practice, Dr. Cowan has created and produced a number of television and video projects for syndication and cable, blending both psychological information and drama.

Dr. David Kipper practiced internal medicine in Los Angeles for over three decades. He’s appeared as an expert commentator on every major network, produced numerous health and healthcare programs, appeared on the Today Show, and is a contributor to The Huffington Post. Dr. Kipper is currently the co-host of ABC Radio’s The Medical Show, a weekly national phone show covering all areas of medicine. After 12 years on the air, The Medical Show will be syndicated to a broad national audience with podcasts and a web presence that advocates for patients seeking personalized solutions to complex health issues. Dr. Kipper co-founded the Medical Group of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles’ largest multidisciplinary healthcare provider. He also co-founded the California Institute for Behavioral Medicine, a mind-body approach to stress management, incorporating conventional and homeopathic therapies that Time Magazine called “groundbreaking.” Dr. Kipper’s 2010 book The Addiction Solution (Rodale Press, 2010) helped create a paradigm shift in the treatment of this disease from a behavioral disease to a chronic medical illness, determined by our brain chemistry unique and triggered by stress.

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