Model Emily Barker creates visibility for people with disabilities



Emily Barker is one of the many activists and artists turned models that you have likely come across on your Explore page through their impact. Barker, who goes through Heavenly Investments on Instagram, has been named one of the social media platform’s top creators defining culture in a new campaign. The visibility that Barker has created for the under-represented disabled community, especially in fashion, does not go unnoticed – they have racked up nearly 35,000 followers and have featured in two New York Fashion Week shows: Collina Strada ( above) and Maisie Wilen (below).

Barker’s own style is sporty and therefore ’90s, with a grunge influence and mixed Y2K jewelry trends. If that’s your look, their feed is full of outfit inspiration. Plus, you’ll be blown away how they perfectly coordinate second-hand finds with high fashion pieces or accessories from lesser-known emerging brands that they’re passionate about. “There are a lot of brands that I love to wear that aren’t particularly inclusive, but the most drastically inclusive are Collina Strada, 3234u and Maisie Wilen,” Barker said when we talked about the wardrobe sourcing for their revolutionary aesthetic which feels trendy at the moment, but also undeniably theirs.


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