Man killed and teenage girl injured in shooting at Fashion Outlets of Chicago in Rosemont; the third possible victim fled

ROSEMONT, Ill. (SCS) — A Friday night shooting at Chicago’s Fashion Outlets in Rosemont left a man dead and a teenage girl injured.

Police say there may also be a third victim who fled the scene. Two suspects also fled.

Police said Friday night they were called to the mall to multiple reports of gunshots. They found two confirmed victims, both initially in critical condition when they were taken to area hospitals.

One victim, a man in his 20s, was pronounced dead in hospital. A 15-year-old girl was stabilized in hospital.

Police described the gunmen as men in their twenties. It is believed that they left the scene in a red vehicle.

Police said the shooting was an isolated incident and there were no active shooters in the mall.

Police said several areas of the mall had been cordoned off with police tape and would be closed in the immediate future.

As CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reported, people were seen leaving the mall en masse at 9 p.m.

Several people told us that they heard several gunshots in the mall. People said they were hiding in shops and helping others to safety.

Community activist Stringer Harris was in the mall at the time. He reported on Facebook Live that he was near the Prada store on the mall’s second level when he heard gunshots on the lower level.

Harris’ Facebook Live video showed officers armed with long guns walking on the mall’s first level. A siren or alarm also sounds throughout the mall.

“I was upstairs doing some errands and heard a few shots, probably about four or five shots – they sounded like they were coming from the food court – at that point people started started running,” Stringer said. “They dropped their clothes; whatever they were buying, they literally dropped it and started running. They took their children on their own shoulders and just started running.”

“I work on the third floor at Tory Burch so I was in the back but couldn’t really hear anything,” one woman added. “I just know a lot of people came into the back room, and that’s when people said they heard gunshots, but it was more like multiple gunshots It wasn’t just like a single bullet or anything like that.”

From a little before 9 p.m., the agents evacuated the shopping center of all civilians store by store. They say the area is safe, but still an active crime scene.

Afterwards, the police began to evacuate the mall and go store by store to get everyone out.

Police have set up a collection point for people who got lost at the Caddy Shack restaurant in the 9000 block of West Balmoral Avenue. They say anyone looking for friends and family should find themselves there.

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