Majliya unveiled as new brand identity for Jawahir Oman

Passionate about uncompromising quality for over 40 years, Jawahir Oman recently unveiled its new brand identity, “Majliya”, with the aim of making the brand experience more accessible to customers in the Middle East and beyond. In a special event, attended by Majliya customers, the new Majliya store was inaugurated in the commercial district of Al Qurum.

Commenting on the exciting rebranding, Marco Belgrado, Managing Director of Majliya, said, “Jawahir Oman was established in 1977 to continue the legacy of the Sultanate’s famous jewelers through the craftsmanship of fine jewelry and exclusive gifts that are the very essence of Oman. Over the past four decades, the brand has become a leader in the luxury jewelry and gift segment, synonymous with uncompromising quality and passion. Today, we proudly take our brand experience to the next level by making our premium memorabilia available to everyone in the region, even the world. Through Majliya, we draw on four decades of craftsmanship in hopes of inspiring our customers to be true to themselves and experience a uniquely Middle Eastern luxury brand with global reach.

Majliya is the story of an extraordinary Omani icon with big aspirations: to create timeless masterpieces that honor the wishes of her clientele and are as individual in spirit as they are. With great respect for local traditions and customs, each element of the brand is a story in itself. Color, design lines, harmony between heritage and modernity, everything contributes to the success of this eternal luxury brand that celebrates the bridge between history and time with a glorious future.

“Majliya continues on a legacy that sets us apart. As patrons of high-end luxury memorabilia that showcases a lifetime of stories and memories, our success is indisputable proof of how appealing Oman’s heritage is to customers around the world. We help everyone tell their own story by translating their imagination into contemporary jewelry and gifts that play an important role in their lives. In a constantly changing world, we want to promote authenticity,” adds Marco Belgrade.

The brand new Majliya brand store is located in Al Qurum commercial district and covers an area of ​​252 square meters. It offers a wide range of luxury jewelry and gifts designed to inspire, drawing inspiration from past culture to create fashion artisan collections with the utmost precision and care, ensuring true emotional value that transcends. The in-store lounge provides customers with an exceptional experience on all fronts, while maintaining the highest levels of privacy and exclusivity.

The launch of Majliya was accompanied by the unveiling of brand new jewelry collections – Orbit, Opera and Shalal, the introduction of new jewelry lines in the Ahjar and Asrar collections, as well as the presentation of other jewelry collections luxury homes, each designed to suit the individual tastes of guests. Another feather in its cap, the launch of our state-of-the-art e-commerce website, highlights Majliya as one of the pioneering luxury regional brands in the jewelry industry.

“We are proud of this milestone, as we strive to inspire authenticity with our original Omani brand among other markets. We are committed to making Majliya available outside the Sultanate, with plans to open showrooms throughout the GCC. Our next store will be in Doha, Qatar, and is expected to open in the first quarter of 2022. In the meantime, we invite our customers to visit us in Muscat or shop on our website,” concluded Marco Belgrado.

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