LovelyWholesale launches its LW basic clothing collection

SHANGHAI, August 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LovelyWholesale (“LW” or “the Company”), an international online shopping e-commerce apparel brand, recently announced the launch of the LW Basic apparel collection. These basic garments are designed to be more sustainable and eco-friendly – an important part of LovelyWholesale’s response to environmental protection and sustainability. The LW Basic collection will be available online at and its LovelyWholesale app at August 20, 2022. There are over 700 items for consumers to choose from, including 2-piece sets, jumpsuits, shirts, pants, dresses, and more.

Considering that the heat wave has swept the world this summer and environmental problems have become more frequent and extreme, Leon Guo, CEO of LW, believes the company should have a responsibility to lead the transition to a sustainable economy. The garments in the LW Basic collection have been designed with durability and wearability in mind. Clothes can be washed repeatedly without becoming harsh or shrinking, and the style is easy to mix and match in everyday outfits. “The number of times people wear an item of clothing can make a big difference to our environment,” Leon said. “That’s why we launched this basic collection.”

In LovelyWholesale’s product line, sexy style and street style clothes account for 80% of sales, and the inventory pressure of basic style clothes is higher than that of top-selling style clothes. Léon still insists on the decision to launch this basic collection to respond to the protection of the environment.

“The climate crisis is one of the most pressing and complex challenges of our time. As a fashion retailer, we have to do something. The heart of the LW Basic collection line is to provide the pieces whose customers need for every daily life, including pants, bodysuits, dresses, etc. The average price of all basic pieces in the collection is around $10. They are easy to match and have good durability. We don’t advocate excessive waste,” Leon said.

In order to avoid simple items that result in boring outfits, the designer of the LW Basic collection offers consumers more choices in the color offer. Except for the classic colors of black, white, and gray, pieces in the LW core collection use popular colors of orange, pink, and yellow, giving more possibilities to match the core items.

“The LW Basic collection line uses less water and energy than traditional processes, which not only makes this collection ultra-affordable in price, but also embraces our vision of sustainability. These basic items are cut in varying lengths, with color expansion, providing each with a style that is both on-trend and timeless.” said Leon.

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About LovelyWholesale:

Founded in 2010, LovelyWholesale provides more than 10 thousands kinds of fashionable clothes, shoes, jewelry, sexy lingerie and accessories. The company is focused on providing top quality products at competitive prices to customers around the world. LovelyWholesale customers know they can trust us with everything they need, from the latest on-trend pieces and celebrity-inspired looks, to everyday wardrobe staples and that ultimate party piece. . LovelyWholesale expects every customer can find their favorite style and shopping here.

LovelyWholesale has factories and warehouses all over the world. With the great advantage of fabric resources and hundreds of fashion buyers, LovelyWholesale can provide customers with the style of the latest fashion trends and lower prices at the first time. Over the past 11 years of business, Lovelywholesale has become one of the most popular online stores for black women in North America.

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