Law Roach and Jaime Xie bring street style to life, one vintage look at a time



Celebrity style is all about novelty. With artists already dipping their toes into spring 2022 products and influencers filling their feeds of items just arriving in stores, the latest developments are well represented. Sure, vintage-loving stars like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Miley Cyrus dot their wardrobes with old school looks, but it’s always easier to spot your favorite retro runway looks in a museum than to spot someone. one that wears them out in the real world. When everyone wears looks borrowed from the same three collections, it gets old quickly.

This consistency is precisely why the epic vintage looks worn by reality TV star Jaime Xie stood out during Fashion Month. Although the Empire bling star loves new brands like Peter Do and Alessandra Rich, when it was time to travel to Milan and Paris, Xie packed like a historian. With Hollywood image architect Law Roach, she revisited classic collections. For Roach, the choice reflected their commitment to sustainability. “Jaime and I are both vintage lovers, so meeting each other was a godsend,” he shared over the phone from Los Angeles. “Recently I’ve been putting vintage on a lot of my clients, and it’s just something that feels natural to me. Wearing vintage is one of the easiest ways to move forward in the long term, whether you bought it in a thrift store, [the piece] was given to you by a family member or you purchased it online.

Xie’s wardrobe was inspired by her favorite collections, including Balenciaga Spring 2008. She wore one of the now iconic sculpted neoprene mini dresses to host the designer’s latest designs for Louis Vuitton. At Dior, she released a chiffon evening dress from John Galliano’s Spring 2004 “Rasta-Mania” collection. A front row spot at Versace necessitated a return to the Spring 2005 menswear show. , Dutch model Dewi Dreigen joined a group of male models in a baroque slip dress with a built-in bustier and a mile-high slit; sixteen years later, Roach bought it for Xie. Each look was different, but they shared an extreme sensibility and emphasis on the pattern. Roach gives Xie credit for embracing the daring. “Jaime has a pretty vintage collection, especially for someone so young,” he says. “Fashion comes first for her, and it was an interesting collaboration because of that. Sometimes when working with an actor or singer, clothes are secondary to the plans. With Jaime, fashion is at the forefront of who she is [as such] she’s ready to try anything and devotes time to figuring out the style.

For Roach, the ability to use clothes as an expression of oneself, rather than stubbornly following trends, is part of what makes using vintage pieces so exciting. “It’s a reflection of the person,” he says. “Right now you have some coveted items in the resale market, like vintage Jean Paul Gaultier, Galliano, or Tom Ford era pieces from Gucci. It’s amazing, of course, but you have to buy what is right for you. My favorite look Jaime has worn recently was the Balenciaga she wore with the boots from the show. I keep looking at the photo because it’s so good, a nice tribute to Nicolas, but it also sums up Jaime’s style. The connection she had with this room was strong. She was the right girl in the right dress at the right time, but we have a lot more in store. Watch this place!

Below, Xie shares a closer look at her entire Fashion Month wardrobe and its inner workings.


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