Killing Eve: Villanelle’s 10 Best Outfits, Ranked

Kill Eve, the BBC comedy crime drama, is currently airing its fourth and final season, which ends in April. Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer lead the cast, playing Eve Polastri and Villanelle, respectively. Eve is an MI5 security guard and Villanelle is an assassin, and the pair find themselves caught up in a cat-and-mouse chase across the globe. However, the two women end up forming a symbiotic relationship, blurring the lines between good and evil.

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Comer’s Villanelle has become a fan-favorite character, with her hilarious attitude and outlandish outfits becoming a popular topic of conversation on social media. Villanelle’s style ranges from expensive designer clothes to quirky pieces as she embraces different personalities and experiments with her style.

Warning: This article contains Killing Eve spoilers and mentions of violence.

ten Young boy’s pajamas are a bold look

In Do you know how to dispose of a body?, Villanelle is taken to the hospital after Eve stabs her in the stomach in the Season 1 finale and gets hit by a car. At the hospital, Villanelle meets a young boy named Gabriel.

Gabriel was the victim of a car accident which severely injured his face and killed his parents. Doing what she believes to be the right thing, Villanelle snaps his neck and kills him. She proceeds to grab a pair of her pajamas and escapes from the hospital, leaving her body in her hospital bed.

9 Green is Villanelle’s color on the golf course

villanelle and dasha golf

While in Aberdeen in the episode beautiful monster, Villanelle and Dasha check into a fancy hotel and play golf to get closer to their target. Villanelle impresses other golfers by sporting a green ensemble with big fluffy sleeves.

Despite the garishness of his outfit, Villanelle manages to lure the target into the woods by tricking him into thinking he’s helping her find his ball and laughing at his sexist jokes. Instead, Villanelle attempts to kill Dasha and leaves her lying on the forest floor.

8 Villanelle looks great in costume

villanelle at the hotel

Villanelle wears many suits and blazers everywhere Kill Eve and one of the most impressive is the embroidered horse print blazer from the second season episode The hungry caterpillar. Villanelle wears the blazer for two pivotal moments in the episode, when she and Konstantin decide to become freelance assassins and when Eve discovers its location.

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The two are so close to reuniting, being on either side of Villanelle’s hotel room door. However, Villanelle escapes through the window before Eve can enter with the police.

7 Villanelle smartly dressed in Oxford

villanelle visiting nico

Although he saw her passing through in the first season, Niko, Eve’s husband, did not have the pleasure of meeting Villanelle until the middle of season two. She goes to Oxford on the pretext of apologizing to Niko for the childish complaints she may have made at her workplace.

In reality, Villanelle just wanted to show Niko that she worked with Eve, that they were on good terms, and that their relationship was better than ever. If Villanelle intended to prove she had more to offer Eve than Niko, she certainly succeeded in the outfit she wore in this scene.

6 She dressed for the summer in Tuscany

villanelle killing the day before with a bicycle

In Pretty face, the first episode of Kill Eve, Villanelle is introduced as the glamorous assassin that fans know her to be. She is shown riding through Tuscany on her motorbike and eating bruschetta in preparation for her next kill.

Although she has to climb the wall of a big house at a birthday party and hide in a suitcase to wait for her target, Villanelle chooses shiny and transparent shorts and a top, much like any other tourist the would do to stay cool in the summer.

5 Villanelle’s black dress was as dramatic as she was

villanelle funeral outfit

In the fifth episode of season 2, feel later, Eve takes a beating on herself. She knows this would bring Villanelle to her since Villanelle would never kill her without making it an opportunity. When Villanelle arrives at Eve’s house, she is dressed in a long transparent black dress and a helmet, as if attending a funeral.

Villanelle tells Eve that she is about to be “in mourning”. When Eve explains that she pulled the punch, Villanelle can’t believe Eve would be so stupid. Villanelle knows deep down that she couldn’t have killed her, the funeral attire being only for dramatic effect.

4 She lured her target in a pig mask

In the season two episode desperate times, Villanelle and Konstantin go to Amsterdam for his next mission. To kill a man in the red light district, Villanelle dresses in a Bavarian dirndl dress and a pig mask, luring the man into an apartment building.

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With the man handcuffed, Villanelle opens the curtains and quietly performs in front of the crowd of people on the street. Even when she cuts the man’s chest and he bleeds, everyone on the street thinks it’s a performance, due to Villanelle’s outfit and attitude.

3 Villanelle’s costume attracts Eve

Villanelle and Eve in the ballroom

Villanelle wears an amazing blue and red patterned costume in the season three finale, Are you leading or am I?. Not only is this a brilliant fashion moment, but also a pivotal moment in the dynamic between Villanelle and Eve.

The two dance together in the ballroom and really open up to each other without their typical judgment or sarcasm. Villanelle and Eve reflect on what it would be like if they left their current lives and started over, and they look good while they do.

2 Villanelle wears blue in Barcelona

villanelle with a bag in a floral dress

In the second episode of season three, Management sucks, Villanelle rocks an eye-catching blue and floral maxi dress as she strolls the streets of Barcelona, ​​explores her new apartment and has lunch with Dasha. The vibrant dress stands out among the sea of ​​tourists in white T-shirts and denim shorts, making Villanelle the center of attention (as she likes to be).

Villanelle even catches the eye of a young woman who walks past their table. Dasha quickly closes this, reminding Villanelle that romantic relationships aren’t on the cards for people like them.

1 Villanelle’s pink dress is iconic

Villanelle's iconic pink dress

A fan favorite Kill Eve the outfit is Villanelle’s large flowing pink dress from the season 1 episode I’ll take care of him later. When Villanelle returns from a mission in Bulgaria, her master Konstantin is waiting in his apartment.

He tells Villanelle that he wants her evaluated to make sure she is fit for duty. When he tells her to dress appropriately, this prompts Villanelle to come up with the most informal outfit possible. Villanelle’s dress has become one of the most iconic costumes in recent television history and synonymous with the character.

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