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We’re at that middle stage where summer’s most reliable shoes are well and truly redundant (farewell, Tevas!), But there are days when a well-fitting pair of boots feels a bit OTT. What is the solution ? Well, just ask Kendall Jenner and Katie Holmes for fall fashion tips as they both landed on the same pair of high street apartments and seem pretty satisfied.

Vagabond, in case you didn’t already know, is a Swedish shoe brand specializing in the on-trend silhouettes that influencers and celebrities gravitate towards, as they are mostly super practical and understated. Chunky flats, whether loafers, brogue, or boots, are their signature, but it was one pair in particular, called Cosmo 2.0, that turned out to be the biggest hit. And when you realize that this elite crowd is bypassing their more expensive options in favor of a pair of £ 110 slip-ons, it’s time to watch out.

Holmes wore his Cosmos nonstop. Pairing them with jeans, white socks and a range of coats, she found an easy fall outfit to wear. Just this week, Jenner joined the Vagabond pack, choosing a similar frame, swapping only jeans for tailored pants, and some sort of Jenner frills, a daisy-intarsia mesh crop top. Keep scrolling to see these two celebrities wearing Vagabond shoes and to buy them for yourself, as they are still available!

On Kendall Jenner: Tach High clothing; Vagabond Cosmo 2.0 Loafers (£ 110)

On Katie Holmes: Mango coat; Vagabond Cosmo 2.0 Loafers (£ 110)

On Katie Holmes: Coat re / done; Vagabond Cosmo 2.0 Loafers (£ 110)

On Katie Holmes: Khaite coat; Vagabond Cosmo 2.0 Loafers (£ 110)

Buy the moccasins:

Wandering shoemakers Cosmo 2.0 (£ 110)

Shop more Vagabond styles:

Wandering shoemakers Eyra Loafers (£ 168)

Wandering shoemakers Alex Loafers (£ 148)

Wandering shoemakers Alex Smooth Loafers (£ 148)

Wandering shoemakers Frances loafers (£ 134)

Wandering shoemakers Alex Kiltie Loafers (£ 168)

Wandering shoemakers Blanca loafers (£ 168)

Wandering shoemakers Vagabond Frances Croco Moccasins (£ 134)

Wandering shoemakers Cosmo 2.0 Hardware Moccasins (£ 148)

Wandering shoemakers Vagabond Eyra Moccasin Boots (£ 198)

Wandering shoemakers Frances Chelsea Boots (£ 148)

Wandering shoemakers Cosmo 2.0 Chelsea Boots (£ 188)

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