K-pop sensation The Boyz talk about their most iconic beauty and style moments | Interview


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The Boyz reveal their most iconic beauty yet
Spoiler: Since then, they’ve adopted their first boy concepts.

For The Boyz, beauty is a form of self-expression
The 11 members share their looks, hairstyles and more.

It’s almost midnight in Seoul, South Korea when I make a Zoom call with the 11 members of The Boyz sitting around a conference table, looking much more lively than I would be if I were in their shoes. They had a long, busy day preparing their latest EP, Maverick and knowing how hard they work, they probably haven’t finished rehearsing.

In the past four years since their debut in December 2017, The Boyz have proven to be one of the most versatile groups in all of K-pop. Call them conceptual chameleons, but here’s the thing: It doesn’t matter if they embody a more youthful and colorful concept like the cheerful “Bloom Bloom” or a more intense, sexier concept like “Stealer”, they succeed just as if they did. was second nature to them. (Although it didn’t sound like it then – but we’ll get to that later.)

After two consecutive appearances on a reality TV show, they won Road to the Kingdom in 2020, then came second on Kingdom in 2021 The Boyz end the year with one final official comeback, “Maverick”. (Although as this story goes live, their annual Christmas-themed single, “Candles,” will be available for your listening pleasure.)

As you’ll see in the trailers and music videos, The Boyz takes on a powerful dystopian vibe that draws parallels with Royal battle, a 2000 Japanese horror film, and Squid game, the breathtaking Korean Netflix series that we are all fascinated by. “Maverick” is all about claiming and declaring your independence, your color, and all the things that make you stand out. In many ways, this is the comeback that best describes the essence of The Boyz – whatever challenges are thrown at them, they always give them their own spin.

In this interview with Seduce, The Boyz have had an open conversation about their favorite (and most iconic) looks over the years, and that’s how it turned out.


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