I wish the founder of the Atlanta boutique to open ANT / DOTE, a cutting edge fashion store in the Westside



ANT / DOTE founders Lauren Amos and Eugene Rabkin

Photograph courtesy of ANT / DOTE

Lauren Amos, founder of Wish Atlanta boutique, is teaming up with fashion journalist and StyleZeitgeist founder Eugene Rabkin to launch ANT / DOTE, a multi-brand clothing store on Bishop Street in the Westside. Opening in November, the boutique will focus on modern and avant-garde fashion, offering a range of men’s and women’s clothing from brands not readily available in Atlanta or the Southeast, such as Marine Serre, Mugler, Undercover, Act No . 1, and Cuckoo. In addition, the boutique will carry an edited selection of jewelry, accessories, perfumes, toiletries and furnishings, including Cire Trudon candles, Rigards glasses and Frederic Malle perfumes.

A self-proclaimed “adventurous shopper”, Amos calls ANT / DOTE a store “for fashion fans, by fashion fans”. She says after more than a year of working from home and living in loungewear, “people want to dress, they crave high fashion, and there is a huge void in the market for that. of Atlanta “. As the city continues to become a cultural hub for music and film industry professionals and other designers, she hopes her store will be a haven for fashion enthusiasts who, like her, have no not been able to find their favorite show or designer pieces in stores.

Housed in a 1950s building with a monochrome facade, the interior – with terrazzo floors, marble fixtures, and accents of white, black and plum – was designed by American architect Chris Benfield, behind the shops North America for Dior Homme, Rick Owens and Balenciaga.

According to Amos and Rabkin, the freeway access, central location, and rising vibe of Bishop Street made it a great location for their new store.

“We really wanted to get away from all the shopping culture in Atlanta’s malls,” says Rabkin. “Being in a free-standing building makes it a destination, and we’re doing some landscaping to create an outdoor garden, so it’s really going to be a city hideaway.”

Starting September 9, fashion fans can preview and purchase a smaller collection of ANT / DOTE merchandise at a gallery at 453 Moreland Avenue Northeast, in Little Five Points Tuesday through Saturday at 10:00 a.m. at 6:00 p.m. by appointment and online 24/7 at antidotestyle.com.


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