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When the sound and the lights are ready, and the models have had the fitting, the designers can take a break because all that remains is to finish the last minute details, and wait. We went behind the scenes of Roberto Torretta the day before your show at IFEMA, so that you can tell us about your new collection Spring-Summer 2021/22. We also asked her her opinion on the fashion that will soon be seen on the streets and, among so many people and trends, who would be the woman who would identify with the brand the most, the Torretta woman.

Behind the scenes of Roberto Torretta

With a warm and smiling face, and giving us a few minutes of his time, Roberto Torretta received us in a box where order, professionalism and know-how are exuded. All thanks to the work of a team ready to work hard to bring about one of the most important events of the year, and who welcomed us with open arms. Among them, his daughter Maria torretta who, with his father, finalizes the preparations for the big moment of the Spanish firm at MBFW Madrid.

Behind the scenes of Roberto Torretta

“Do me a favor, please, I like to create a closer environment”, this is how I started the conversation on fashion in which one of the great masters of this sector shared a few minutes with COOL to tell us about this latest Fashion Week.

roberto torre
In the wings

Question: Fashion moves on, and although it is mostly inspired by the past, why do you always say that the last opportunity is the best?

Reply: Well I understand the last one is the one you put more work into than the last one. This illusion that you had, can only increase. If you see the above, they are pretty; some like it more than others. The two before the break we were having due to COVID were very good. But that I understand that it is new, it reflects a situation that we had not seen before, also the state of mind that we had. At first we were a little calmer and now with a little more joy. My team and I have the same opinion. This last sample is nice and user-friendly. It maintains a connection with nature and contains soft colors, without extridences.

roberto torre
Dress Collection 2021/2022

Q: When is Spanish fashion currently on the international scene?

A: The fashion industry comes from a time when it suffered a lot, like the rest of the sectors. Speaking of my business, I understand that we all need to change things, even though we have already changed several. Each process takes time and a lot has changed. Obviously. When online selling appears, physical selling must have a good strategy behind it. Maybe not as massive as before.

Slow fashion, which is our bet, must slow down as the term itself explains. The craft industry is recovering and taking its place within the sector in which my company operates.

roberto torre
Backstage interior

Q: While Roberto Torretta is a clear commitment to ethical fashion, the clothes that are co-produced at any given time will be seen on the streets, what do you think we will see in street style next?

A: In the street, the trends are generalized. Before we recognized, for example, the style of each citizen by type of clothing, colors, cuts or styles… We could distinguish English girls, Milanese, or French… each person kept a little his personality. Now, with globalization, everything has come together and this essence has been lost. In the street everything is taken because the range of possibilities is immense from which to choose.

I bet to see women who create their own style. Among the huge offer they have, they are able to choose and customize their looks.

roberto torre
Backstage interior

Q: And among all these women, how would one distinguish the Torretta woman? Who is it?

A: He will always bet on Slow Fashion first. She wears something that lasts and that in a few years you will see it in your wardrobe and it will continue to work for you. All this because it is committed to the quality of design, patterns, fabrics and clothing. They are durable clothes in which their lifespan is extended over time.

roberto torre

Q: Who is your unconditional support for bringing Roberto Torretta to where we know him today?

A: My unconditional support is absolutely my entire team. They never fail. In short, I am the visible part of this brand but behind us there are a lot of people and a lot of work. It took us about 6 months to make a collection and we have a lot of seamstresses, stylists, stylists, clerks,… There are a lot of people behind it all.

Roberto Torre
Roberto Torretta and his daughter María during the fitting

Q: What will we see in this Fashion Week that we haven’t seen in previous ones?

A: We all wait for the situation we came from and wait “let’s see what happens”. We still have to follow protocol and the capacity is limited, a lot less people can come and see us and enjoy these days in first person. It kind of takes us away from the customer. But I also believe that we were able to work with more time and peace of mind to take care of every detail of everything that is presented in the parade. Quantity does not prevail now, but quality.

Q: If you had to showcase a piece from the latest collection, which one would you choose?

A: I would like to highlight two important aspects of the collection. One is men’s sewing, the adaptation, hyper-feminine dresses. With each other they are an absolute contrast of cuts and forms of expression and dress.

roberto torre
Model when trying on


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