HPCL and Honda Motor Collaborate to Advance Electric Mobility

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL) and Honda engine joined hands to put in place battery exchange of stations for electric vehicles at the gas pumps of the public oil company. HPCL and Honda Power Pack Energy India Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co Ltd (Honda), launched its first “e:swap” station at the HPCL fuel pump in bangalore on August 6, the public company said in a statement.

With the rapid adoption of environmentally friendly electric vehicles that run on electrically charged batteries, infrastructure to recharge such vehicles or provide facilities to replace discharged batteries with fully charged batteries is being put in place in all the countries.

Although charging the EV battery is not as fast as filling gasoline or diesel, battery swapping offers a quick alternative.

“Customers can swap out depleted batteries for fully charged batteries within 2 minutes at e:swap stations,” he said. “Additionally, this battery-as-a-service (BaaS) model allows customers to lend batteries as a separate component of vehicles. Lending the battery saves the initial purchase cost of an EV. ”

The interchange station at HPCL’s Old Airport Road exit will currently accommodate e-3-wheelers.

“The garden city of Bangalore will have over 70 such e:swap stations in a year, and then other cities will be busy,” the statement said.

Speaking on occasion, Sandeep MaheshwariExecutive Director – Retail, HPCL, said the company is committed to accelerating India’s transition to greener energy.

“We are one of the largest charging station operators in the country with 1,058 electric vehicle charging stations at our outlets across the country. Today, we are launching another groundbreaking initiative in partnership with HEID,” he said.

Swappable batteries, he said, solve key EV adoption issues, such as high upfront costs, range anxiety and long charging times.

“Over 90% of vehicle sales in the country are 2W (two-wheelers) and 3W (three-wheelers). The simplicity of vehicle design and the smaller batteries required to power the 2/3W electric versions make them a prime candidate. to exchange.”

While Honda brings best-in-class technology to e:swap, HPCL, with its more than 20,000 outlets nationwide and massive presence in every city, will ensure scalability and smooth operation.

President HEID and CMD Kiyoshi Itō said HEID will focus on three actions: expanding its battery exchange network in Bangalore, ensuring reliable service with a highly integrated system monitoring every single battery and exchanger, and supporting automakers developing electric vehicles that use Honda Mobile PowerPack.


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