How to Keep Your Delaware Home Organized This School Year



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Delawarens, stay ahead of the school year by using these helpful organizing tips, tools and local products.

By Sydney Kerelo and Eileen Smith-Dallabrida

As the kids return to class and school clutter begins, learn ways to stay on top of things when life is busy.

Get rid of clothes that don’t fit to make room for new school clothes, including athletic uniforms. Designate a place in the refrigerator for lunches and snacks to go. And, to keep everyone on schedule, set a schedule. It could be a whiteboard or an erasable blackboard or an organizing app like Google Keep or Cozi, a web-based family organizer.

Need more help staying on top of the clutter? Here are some products to try to stay organized this school year.

Baccalaureate for the school year to be won

Keep textbooks, folders and binders tidy with connection bins. To stay super organized, let the kids choose their own designated color.
$ 3.99 each at The container store, 2200 Fashion Center Blvd., Newark, 317-5980

Label city

Create your own personalized labels for trash cans and school boxes with label makers in Brother. This little machine prints clear, easy-to-read labels that you can personalize with different fonts and frames for kids to enjoy.
$ 34.99 to

Check it on the calendar

Hang a family calendar where everyone can access it and keep track of daily plans, after-school programs, school activities and more. Rifle Paper 2022 Margurerite appointment calendar Heart and house that’s perfect.
$ 27.99, at Heart and Home, 4770 Limestone Rd., Wilmington, 999-8980

Practical perforated panel

IKEA’s Skadis pegboard helps students and parents keep grades and reviews handy. Start with the basic pegboard and add upgrades like clips, shelves, and removable containers.
$ 11.99, at IKEA, King of Prussia

All with silicone

Reusable silicone lunch bags are waterproof, transparent and very easy to clean. These handy little bags are perfect for lunch boxes, snacks and more during the school day.
$ 9.99 to $ 20.94 on

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