How to Enable Paytm Tap to Make NFC Payments on Your Android Smartphone

Paytm offers different ways for users to make payments, and the fintech company recently added support for a Tap to Pay feature to make credit card payments using their Android smartphones. The feature works similarly to Samsung Pay and Google Pay, allowing users to make purchases at point-of-sale (PoS) machines via NFC. Payments can be made without having to carry debit or credit cards. The feature also works without an internet connection, which can be useful when a smartphone does not have sufficient network connectivity. iPhone owners won’t be able to use this feature, as NFC payments are locked to Apple Pay, which has yet to launch in India.

The NFC-based Tap to Pay feature can be used in retail outlets, restaurants, grocery stores, and any other location that accepts NFC-enabled card payment machines. Users will need to add their bank cards to the Paytm app, after which the card is ‘tokenized’ so it can be used at payment machines. Although using the Tap to Pay feature offers the convenience of not carrying bank cards, another benefit is that the originating card details are not shared with a merchant when performing a transaction.

Here’s how to quickly set up the Tap to Pay feature on the Paytm app:

  1. Update your Paytm app by visiting the Google Play store.

  2. Open the Paytm app, then select Tap to pay.

  3. Faucet Add a new card at the bottom, if you don’t have any registered card.

  4. Enter your card details on the next screen, then tap Proceed to card verification.

  5. Be sure to read and agree to the card issuer’s terms of service.

  6. Enter the one-time password (OTP) to complete Tap to Pay activation.

Here’s how to make payments using Tap to Pay on your smartphone:

  1. Unlock your smartphone and make sure NFC is enabled.
  2. Hold your smartphone close to the PoS machine, near the contactless payment logo.
  3. Do not remove your smartphone until the transaction is complete.
  4. For transactions above Rs. 5000, enter your PIN code at the PoS machine.
  5. Check your smartphone screen for a message notifying you of a successful transaction.

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