How TikTok Became One of the Most Downloaded Apps of All Time



These four aspects of TikTok set it apart from other social media platforms.

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July 3, 2021

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I’ve been knee deep in the social media industry from the start. I’ve seen Instagram launch as a simple photo-sharing app and then snowball into the second most popular social media platform behind big brother Facebook, which acquired the app for $ 1 billion. dollars.

Watching TikTok mature over the years made me realize that this is a very special social media platform with a very unique selling point that is often not mentioned – TikTok provides a deeper look and more authentic about the life of influencers than other social media platforms. This undoubtedly contributes to its recent rise in popularity and why it is now one of the most downloaded apps of all time. Let me dive a little deeper and explain why TikTok offers its users something that other social media networks don’t.

It’s more spontaneous and less staged

Scrolling through Instagram will have you believing that everyone on this platform is living a perfect life. Designer clothes, five-star meals, exotic vacations, and sports cars fill Instagram feeds. Everyone is trying to paint a perfect picture. It’s very scripted.

By doing this, they also set the bar so incredibly high that it then becomes a game of trying to constantly raise that bar without dropping it. When was the last time you saw an influencer post a glamorous photo with an exotic backdrop, followed by a no-makeup selfie? You don’t see it, and you won’t see it on Instagram.

After posting a photo of an overwater bungalow in Bali, they are not going to post a photo of themselves and their friends at an Applebee. TikTok, however, is quite the opposite. The content is more instantaneous and less staged.

Influencers feel more comfortable shooting random music videos without planning or trying to make them perfect. This authenticity is what users love about it. They can see the real personalities of those they follow.

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The atmosphere is focused on fun and laughter

The whole vibe on TikTok is much lighter than on Instagram. The same Instagram influencer who posts photos that look like a high-end fashion shoot posts dance challenge videos wearing sweatpants on TikTok.

If you only saw this influencer Instagram feed, you’d never know it had a playful and less serious side to it. The average social media user does not relate to photos of Bali trips, private jets and Gucci shopping sprees.

But that’s what influencers are convinced their followers want to see. As TikTok continues to attract new users and influencers realize that their engagement is more important when it is real, we can see this influence on Instagram; in particular, via the Stories function.

No one is trying to get the perfect angle or write the perfect caption on TikTok. Scroll through the most popular content on the platform and you’ll see that 99% of the time it’s natural and fun. Stupid dances. Fun challenges. Lots of Laughs. Influencers are letting their guard down on TikTok, and it allows their followers to connect with them in a much more accessible way than on Instagram.

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TikTok encourages interaction between users

TikTok’s fun and light vibes are due in part to its features that encourage fun interactions. The Duo feature allows users to share a split screen with others or as a duo with an existing duo video. It is possible to create an infinite duo. It’s a fun and pleasantly addicting feature that encourages interaction, not a shallow lifestyle.

When an influencer schedules an Instagram post, their goal is to attract as many likes and comments as possible while retaining their current followers and attracting new ones. TikTok, on the other hand, features celebrities and influencers engaging in duets with their followers.

Instagram has become a business for influencers and TikTok is an escape

There is no denying that Instagram has proven to be a very lucrative platform for influencers; from branded offers and sponsored publications to launching their own brands to millions of buyers.

Due to the opportunity on Instagram, this resulted in a lot of professionally produced and published content in a planned and highly calculated manner. TikTok has become a place of escape for these influencers.

Remember, most of the best influencers are very creative individuals. Some of that creativity is lost in the equation when it becomes a business. While many see TikTok as a business opportunity, many others see it as a fun place to post random stuff and just have fun.

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