Here are some fashion tips for girls going to college

Fashion is a daily evolving thing that changes with the seasons. Young boys and girls, especially those going to college, are always paying more attention to their fashion statements and they keep looking for new fashion tips for everyday life. So, if you are also a student and looking for fashion tips to style your daily outfit, you are on the right page. Here are some of the designers tips that one could use for their improvement. Read on to find out more!

Cut expensive clothes

In India, students hardly earn their expenses while studying, if not in dire need. The rising cost of higher education is sometimes overwhelming for parents. Wearing expensive designer clothes, accessories and shoes should not be an option for female students.

Instead, they can choose urban style clothes available in abundance in any metropolitan city that will suit their budget. Girls can look lovely in street style outfits and can even look better than people who actually date in trendy clothes and expensive brands. Most designer clothes are expensive due to brand value.

So it depends on individuals’ choice and patience to search for stylish clothes and accessories even with low budget.

Keep up to date with trends

Keeping up with fashion updates by following magazines or Pinterest can really help sort things out easily. Fashion trends are constantly changing and if girls pay attention to changed elements of trends and incorporate them into their styles, they will stand out from the crowd.

Replicating the looks of celebrities and influencers isn’t always necessary. They can create their own style statement by taking inspiration from trends.

Transform old clothes

If the students, outside of studies, have an interest in DIY (Do It Yourself) and can easily transform their old clothes into new ones, it will help them to experiment with styles. J

This is how they can use the already existing resources and do something new with them. Plus, a lot of their money is saved.

Track YouTube and Instagram videos

Youtube channels and Instagram profiles of fashion influencers as well as celebrities play an important role in influencing fashion trends. It is very popular among college going girls to follow fashion and clothing reels which actually help them sort out what to wear and what not.

Girls unfamiliar with fashion magazines and blogs can easily scroll through influencer profiles and find ideas to recreate their own styles.

Show your morphology without hesitation

Young people usually follow fashion trends ignoring the fact that they should actually wear clothes that will flaunt their body type. There are no rules for experimenting with fashion.

Staying confident while choosing what you like even if you think that particular outfit may not suit your body type is important. Gone are the days when people behaved too consciously about body types. Staying confident and ecstatic will make things more fashionable for girls.

Wear comfortable walking shoes

Unless you like being miserable, it’s mandatory. Platform shoes, especially the tendency to wear extravagant styles, were popular fashion trends in the disco scene for both men and women. Ladies, please don’t walk around campus in high-heeled shoes.

It’s not the city – it’s a college campus, and you’re going to be consistently consistent. You should try formal or simple shoes on weekdays. Save the cute heels for the weekend.

Hand bags

The very first and only trend that a college girl should consider following religiously is the design and style of the handbag. Handbags can do the magic, dress sense matters, because without good dress sense and the right colors.

(With contributions from Kanchankuntala Das, fashion designer and Chitra Singh, fashion designer)

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