Hawkeye: Kate Bishop’s 10 Most Beautiful Outfits


While recent Disney + Marvel series like WandaVision and Loki featuring larger-than-life characters with incredibly flashy costumes, the characters at the heart of Hawk Eye have shown that they have much more realistic fashion tastes. The show’s main character, Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), was a realistic portrayal of a typical young New Yorker in many ways, but her outfits could have been the most accurate part of them all.

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As a wealthy New Yorker in her twenties, Kate would logically have had access to the latest fashion trends and designer lines. But time and time again, Kate has shown that she has much simpler tastes, but also knows how to cultivate her own style and brand along the way with key pieces and color schemes.


The silks and furs of his aunt

Kate Bishop wears her aunt's silks and furs in Hawkeye

It was one of Kate’s more unconventional outfits, mainly because it was one of the only outfits that wasn’t part of her own wardrobe. While briefly taking refuge in her aunt’s apartment, Kate made use of some of her aunt’s clothes – which included sleek silks and furs and very unlike Kate.

It’s hard to imagine another scenario that would have resulted in Kate wearing something like this other than an absolute necessity. But that doesn’t change the fact that this was still a look that Kate completely pulled off, especially when paired with her loose hair.

The Brown Sweatshirt (And Pizza)

Kate Bishop wearing a brown sweatshirt while holding a frozen pizza on her head in Hawkeye

A consistent part of Kate’s wardrobe throughout the season has been the decision to strategically introduce various shades of purple into her everyday outfit. Purple, of course, eventually became the iconic colors for Clint’s Hawkeye and Kate’s Hawkeye, making it a great benchmark for tracking Kate’s progress in becoming Hawkeye.

One of the first episodes shows a battered Kate relaxing, bundled up in a particularly comfortable dark brown sweatshirt. With her hair pulled back from her injured face, she completed the outfit in an unconventional fashion with a box of frozen pizza as she treated her injuries.

Her Barton Family Christmas Outfit

Kate Bishop in a red and black plaid outfit in Hawkeye

The last episode of Hawk EyeThe first season of proved particularly difficult for Kate, given everything she learned about her mother and how it permanently changed her life. But by the end of the episode, she found herself welcomed as an honorary member of the Barton family – just in time to join in their Christmas celebration as well.

When Kate arrived with Clint at the Barton Family Farm, she did so wearing another particularly comfy winter outfit, including a black shirt and a stylish fluffy red and black plaid jacket.

Purple ribbed sweater

Kate Bishop wears a purple sweater in Hawkeye

As already mentioned, purple was one of the real staples of Kate’s wardrobe. While she prioritized comfort and practicality above all else, Kate never shied away from including that familiar pop of color, even from the show’s first episode.

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In one of the first scenes between Kate and her mom Eleanor, Kate wore this insanely flattering purple ribbed sweater shirt. Not only did it fit her perfectly, but it was also well suited to the cold winter environment and the continued incorporation of the meaningful hue into her journey.

Black and gray checked coat

Kate Bishop smiling in a plaid coat in Hawkeye

There were few pieces that Kate wore more than once through Hawk EyeIt’s six episodes, but arguably best of all was her black and gray checkered trench coat. As well as helping to keep Kate warm during the freezing New York winter, it also helped her carve out the image of a true strong and wise hero.

Kate may have made many questionable decisions in Hawk Eye, but the same can’t be said for her commitment to wearing clothes that match the desired aesthetic and comfort in any scenario.

The high neck dress

Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton and Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop in Hawkeye

Yet while Kate almost always wore casual wear and streetwear due to the difficult adventures she and Clint found themselves on, that didn’t mean Kate was unable to wear something a little flashier and more. feminine too.

Although she fought off her mother’s attempt to make her wear a dress in the first episode, in the season finale Kate attended a holiday party in a stunning black dress with a high neck. He was incredibly fitted and flattering, paired with a gorgeous hairstyle, and even managed to hide his brand new MCU superhero costume underneath.

The Laika The Space Dog Shirt

Kate Bishop wears Laika the Space Dog shirt in Hawkeye

Some of the best moments – and outfits – of Hawk EyeThe 1st season of were the ones that were taken directly from the comics themselves. Kate’s Laika the Space Dog t-shirt is one of the best examples of this loyalty to the source material of the 2012 comic book series. Hawk Eye.

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Beyond being a big tribute to the work that made this series possible, and also being an undeniably cute part of Kate’s wardrobe, the shirt also served as a fun way to connect key pieces from the series, from Lucky the Pizza Dog to the Mafia tracksuit.

Her ugly Christmas sweater

Kate Bishop wears an ugly sweater in Hawkeye

As an unconventional Christmas series, it was really only a matter of time before Hawk Eye introduced Christmas fashion pieces into the wardrobes of his characters. The obvious choice, of course, was the ubiquitous ugly sweater that has become quite the pop culture phenomenon in recent years.

Clint and Kate both wore their own ugly Christmas sweaters on the show, but Kate’s – complete with a big snowflake and a dog wearing a crooked Santa hat – was by far the most thieving fashion item in the world. scene.

Kate’s street fashion

Kate Bishop sits with Clint Barton and Lucky the Pizza Dog in Hawkeye

Hawk Eye Reminded many viewers of the Netflix Marvel series over the Disney + Marvel series for a number of reasons, but the show’s commitment to a real, more gritty New York vibe was easily one of the main reasons. As a result, the characters’ outfits never seem completely unrealistic, and Kate’s love for street-savvy fashion was further proof of that.

For most of the series, Kate wore loose jeans, chunky black boots, simple white or black t-shirts, and a long trench coat. She never focused too long on her everyday style choices, as she had much more important things to focus on. This could be the MCU’s most realistic character choice in a long time.

The uniform of his first hero

Kate Bishop strikes a heroic pose in her archer outfit in Hawkeye

Even though Kate was a much more grounded character than most, given that she had only been watching the Avengers from the side for most of her life, it was inevitable that she would get her superhero costume. well deserved as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the purple and black archer’s outfit didn’t disappoint. While Clint’s costumes have generally been poorly received throughout the MCU, Kate’s Hawkeye’s debut uniform was much stronger and very promising for her character’s growth going forward.

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