Gossip Girl Season 2 Photos Show Off Upper East Side Fashion

Set photos from season 2 of HBO Max’s Gossip Girl show outfits worn by Savannah Smith, Zion Moreno, Emily Alyn Lind and Jordan Alexander.

Set photos from HBO Max’s reboot series Gossip Girl season 2 shows the fashions that will be on display when it comes to air. Gossip Girl It originally aired on The CW from 2007 to 2012, making many of its young cast stars including Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, Leighton Meester, Chace Crawford and Taylor Momsen. The series was narrated by an anonymous teen gossip columnist (voiced by Kristen Bell) who dug up dirt on everyone at the characters’ exclusive Upper East Side high schools. During his run, Gossip Girl was nominated for 28 Teen Choice Awards, winning 11, including two each for Crawford and Meester.


Now that the series has been off the air for nearly a decade, HBO Max has seen fit to reboot it with a sequel series that premiered on the streaming service in the summer of 2021. The cast of characters is fully again, although Bell returned to narrate the series. There were also some crossovers with characters from the original series, including Yin Chang as Nelly Yuki, and Margaret Colin and Wallace Shawn as Blair Waldorf’s mother and stepfather.

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On Twitter, the account gossipgirlfile posted a collection of four set photos from the set of Gossip Girl season 2. The snaps show the stars relaxing between costume shots of their high-end Upper East Side personas. Smith is shown in a pastel blue ensemble with matching knee high boots, Moreno wears a fashionable trench coat over a white blouse, Lynd is in a black jumper with a turquoise handbag which adds a pop of color, and Alexander accessorize with a letterman jacket. Check out the photos below:

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Alexander plays fashion-forward Julien Calloway, a character who sets trends rather than following them, which is why his outfit is the most out of this world. Lind is Audrey Hope, a more reserved girl whose personality is reflected in her costume being the least outrageous. Monet de Haan de Smith works for Julien, and his clothes reflect his public but more conservative role. Moreno’s character, Luna La, also works with Julien as a stylist, and her costume shows that she’s a middle ground between everyone.

The restart of Gossip Girl didn’t do everything perfectly to reunite with fans of the original series. However, these stylish costumes and the way they reflect their characters show how well the series has managed to bring the fashion plate sensibilities of the original characters into the modern era. With a bit of luck Gossip Girl Season 2 will be able to include even more of the iconic elements that made the original series so successful and build its fan base from there.

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