Global Bulk Food Brand Opens New Location in Oakville


Posted on December 24, 2021 at 12:23 p.m.

Health and environmentally conscious shoppers in Oakville will be pleased to hear that The Source Bulk Foods recently opened a brand new location in early December at the Upper Oakville Mall (at the intersection of Eighth Line and Upper Middle Rd. E).

Whether you are a health conscious foodie or looking to reduce waste in your daily life, the knowledgeable staff at The Source Bulk Foods can help you transition to a zero waste lifestyle by providing support and product advice.

They have over 400 products, as locally sourced as possible: organic whole foods (including gluten-free and vegan options), cooking liquids and oils, various healthier sugar options (stevia, coconut sugar, molasses, organic raw honey), healthy snacks, and herbal personal and household products.

The Oakville store also houses a kombucha kegerator (yes, that’s right, kombucha on tap!) Chocolate with hazelnuts (yum!).

The store also aims to use closed-loop models with their local suppliers to align with the brand’s vision to reduce the carbon footprint and promote an eco-friendly shopping lifestyle.

A closed-loop model means that wherever possible the store uses containers and materials that can be returned to the supplier for reuse, rather than limited-use materials that end up in a landfill. Their sparkling and fermented kombucha, for example, is available on tap in the store and without packaging; customers can bring their own bottle and refill whenever it runs out!

The woman-owned and operated store is the company’s third location in Ontario and the first outside of Toronto.

A few years ago, Rovi Anne Lasquite Fan realized that she wanted to make a difference – she wanted to move from her corporate career in finance to something where she could focus on sustainability and make a difference in the community.

She found exactly what she was looking for thanks to The Source Bulk Foods. She contacted the famous Australian brand, which has more than 90 stores worldwide, with the aim of expanding this exciting new shopping revolution to the Halton region, and was successful in opening the Oakville store at the end of 2021.

“Here at The Source Bulk Foods, we focus on quality whole foods, sourced as locally as possible and delivered to you in a sustainable manner. We are delighted to be here, ”said Rovi Anne.

The Source Bulk Foods is based in Australia, but unlike most international franchises, their system does not centralize the supply of products to their outlets. Instead, each region (Australia, New Zealand, UK, Western Canada, Eastern Canada and more) is responsible for building their own supply chain locally.

The Oakville store adheres to The Source guidelines based on one core value: reducing unnecessary waste and pressure on the environment, both in the food industry and in consumer habits. The benefits of sourcing local produce include reducing food mileage, supporting more sustainable agricultural ecosystems, and implementing closed-loop systems that reduce waste.

Source Bulk Foods stores here in Ontario may have the same aesthetic as Australian stores, but they are still small businesses 100% Canadian-owned, selling Canadian-made products to their local communities.

No matter what you are looking for from their diverse line of products, the store’s friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to help customers make the transition to a sustainable and rewarding model of food consumption – it’s more fun and delicious too. .

Check out their full selection of products at and follow the store on Instagram and Facebook.

For more information on the Upper Oakville Mall, visit their website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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