Five Ways to Wear the Casual Androgynous Look

When it comes to fashion, why limit yourself to one type of style or silhouette in particular? It’s always fun to switch things up, and if you’re more of a fan of more feminine cuts and colors, it might be time to switch things up and let your tastes take on a more androgynous twist. Several A-list celebrities have swapped out their high heels for much more comfortable combat boots or sneakers, with others opting for looser clothing for that coveted casual chic look. From Zendaya to Bella Hadid, here’s a list of five fashion divas sporting the androgynous look and absolutely killing it!


We love seeing a woman wear a costume! Zendaya looks more fashionable than ever in a gray suit and tie, paired with high-heeled Louboutin boots to add that touch of femininity to keep things balanced. The actor wore her hair untamed and gathered to the side, which made her look like the absolute boss that she is.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen has mastered the art of androgynous fashion. the spencer The actor has always put his own spin on typically feminine looks and served as a style role model for cool girls all over the world. Kristen paired her baggy brown plaid blazer and slacks with a white t-shirt to keep things casual. She completed the look by pairing it with a single silver necklace and Doc Marten shoes.

Zoe Kravitz

Catwoman has entered the building! If you’re looking for gender-neutral street style advice, Zoe Kravitz is your go-to diva. The actor has been photographed with killer androgynous looks in the past, and this yellow number is no different. Zoe adds an oversized coat and small neon green bag for a little extra pizzazz. The actor’s cropped hair helps elevate the look to the next level.

Bella Hadid

Bella likes to dress like a boy, as she has already claimed in interviews. The model is all about comfort and functionality when not in use, as evidenced by its casual tomboy look. While the bottom half of her outfit screams schoolgirl chic, the top section has a more structured and masculine silhouette.

Marguerite Edgar Jones

the normal people the actor is all about oversized clothes and gender neutral styling. Pairing the baggy plaid suit with its feminine fringe and a plunging black T-shirt, Daisy offers a masterclass in androgynous fashion. With black dress shoes and matching socks, the actor looks more ready than ever to hit the red carpet.

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