Five Korean Dramas Where Fashion Was Also a Main Character

Korean dramas have certainly found a fanbase in India thanks to their gripping stories and impressive ensemble cast. However, the effect of Korean dramas extends far beyond mere entertainment value. The drama also introduces us to a whole new world of fashion and glamor embraced by Korean society. Over the years, many actors have stepped into their characters’ shoes by donning high-end fashion brands.

Let’s take a look at the dramas that were trending:

Now We Break Up (2021)

Starring Song Hye Kyo and Jang ki-yong in the lead roles, this drama is based on the life of a fashion designer. Naturally, the TV series told an emotional story of a fashion designer and photographer with impressive clothes and fashion statements. Hye Kyo’s love of monochrome trench coats, Fendi handbags and watches was pretty obvious. Besides Hye Kyo, the show’s supporting cast also exuded great glamor on the show.

Vincent (2021)

Along with Song Joong Ki, Jeon Yeo-been, Ok Taecyeon star Vincenzo was one of the most-watched Korean dramas on Netflix. Besides its mob-inspired black comedy, the costumes worn by the characters also became a subject of interest. The Italian-cut suits worn on Joong-ki showed just how much the character has good taste in fashion. The hard-headed lawyer played by Yeo-been can be seen strutting around in Roger Vivier heels while wearing sleek jumpsuits and dresses from Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen and Max Mara. It’s not just the impressive costumes worn by its characters, but also accessories like leather handbags, watches, and sunglasses that also show how fashion has defined the show.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020)

This Emmy-nominated Korean drama tackles mental illness and childhood trauma in a unique way. However, for actress Seo Yi Ji who played Ko Moon-young, it was fashion that defined her character. Whether it’s dressing in a casual floral dress with earrings that match her elegance or donning a shirt and dress from Fendi’s pre-fall collection, Moon-young has took her fashion choices very seriously.

Crash Landing on You (2019)

Son Ye Ji and Hyun Bin’s star drama not only gave us the real-life couple who will soon be getting married, but also some unforgettable fashion moments. Ye-Jin played Yon Se-Ri, who is known for her fine taste in fashion and runs “Seri’s Choice”, a fashion and accessories company. To dress for the role, Ye Jin donned an array of high-end luxury brands ranging from the classic Miu Miu Spring Summer 2020 brown double-breasted coat paired with the Fendi Karligraphy bag, plaid blazer and ruffled top by Chanel from the fall winter 2019 collection.

Which of the dramas managed to impress you with their fashion statement?

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