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Imagine having access to your dream wardrobe of unlimited designer clothes and bags – and being able to do so in a cost-effective and more eco-friendly way.

This is essentially the proposition that the resale market makes to consumers today. According to a 2021 market study by retail analytics firm GlobalData, the resale market is expected to soar from its current value of US $ 36 billion to US $ 77 billion in 2025. With 76 percent of participants surveyed indicated an interest in joining the resale circle for the first time, the industry anticipates a future market with 118.8 million unique sellers.

With so many opportunities to diversify a market that is starting to attract the direct attention of big, renowned fashion houses, Style theory is stepping up its efforts to add another economical and eco-friendly way to shop to its repertoire. The leader in circular fashion has launched its new resale platform, Style Theory Shop.

According to co-founders Raena Lim and Chris Halim, Style Theory’s new resale platform offers their clients an accessible way to participate in the sustainability movement. PHOTO: THEORY OF STYLE

Expanding beyond their rental model – where users pay as little as $ 59 for a monthly subscription plan – Style Theory’s move into the resale industry is one way to capitalize on changing market trends. purchasing behavior of their customers.

Style Theory co-founders Raena Lim and Chris Halim say, “Resale has been a central pillar of our business since 2020 and we started paying more attention to it last year. Since launching the Style Theory resale pillar and investing in inventory growth, which is independent of the rental retirement fleet, we have seen a tenfold increase in 12 months. This growth is very encouraging.

Provide affordable entry points

In February 2020, a study published in the multidisciplinary journal Science of the Total Environment postulates that in the past two decades alone, the annual global consumption of textiles has almost doubled, from 7 kg to 13 kg per person, with only 15 kg. % of consumption recycled again. .

“Like all our circular rental and catering services, our resale platform offers more ethical values ​​such as living more sustainably and wasting less,” shares Mr. Halim.

Style Theory Shop aims to provide an economical way to stock up on fresh finds and authentic pieces every season. With over 5,000 designer clothes and over 800 second-hand handbags for sale, your dream wardrobe is just a click away.

According to Ms. Lim, “Rather than cannibalizing full-price sales, pre-loved discounted products expand the luxury goods market and provide more affordable entry points for high-end brands, thereby serving as a gateway. for new buyers. “

In line with its zero tolerance policy against counterfeiting, Style Theory adopts multiple layers of authentication using AI-based technology and leather experts to carefully assess pre-owned designer clothing and handbags. PHOTO: THEORY OF STYLE

Beyond simple consumption, this new mainstay also offers shoppers the opportunity to make money with their existing fashion items. A special way is the unique of Style Theory White glove sales program for second-hand designer clothes and handbags. Potential sellers submit a series of photographs and information to the Style Theory team, who will review the product before issuing a quote for a one-time resale payment. Once accepted by the sender and physically authenticated by the team, the bag is listed on the Style Theory website.

It’s a simple process facilitated by style theory, but one that effectively allows anyone to join the circular economy hassle-free and hassle-free. Just a few snaps and clicks, and you’re in.

Plus, buyers can have peace of mind. In line with its zero-tolerance counterfeiting policy, Style Theory works with AI-powered technology and experts that provide multiple layers of authentication checks and checks before goods are even made available to customers. By removing the doubts and guesswork when purchasing resale items, Style Theory is designed to be a trustworthy platform that instills the confidence of sellers and buyers in the pre-loved luxury space.

Over 50,000 women’s designer clothes and 2,000 designer bags are currently available in Style Theory rental and resale circulation in their markets of Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

Future expansion plans

Since launching its resale business in the domestic market, Style Theory also plans to expand this service to other parts of Southeast Asia and build on its exhibition spaces through its outlets. existing physical contacts in Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia. They are also working on a resale program for customers and opening up their product offerings to include men’s and children’s clothing.

Currently, the site offers more than 50,000 clothing items as well as more than 2,200 bags ranging from pop-up fashion to designer brands available for rental. All of this is accessible from one user-friendly site, but for those who prefer the physical element of shopping, Style Theory has also invested in a 3,200 square foot showroom to showcase over a thousand bags, authentic designer clothing and accessories – inviting consumers to a more personalized shopping experience.

Through its new resale platform, Style Theory hopes to provide a broader group of buyers with the power to explore the world of authentic luxury and designer fashion. Consumers could commit less of their resources – whether in terms of space or financially – by participating in this transaction of buying something second-hand that can be sold back to the resale community after the wear and tear. Mr. Halim adds, “With the growing importance of mindful consumption among the affluent Gen Z, we are seeing the sharing economy in Southeast Asia brewing. “

To start creating the wardrobe of your dreams, visit shop.styletheory.co.


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