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While you and your SO were already sharing t-shirts, shorts, hoodies, sweatshirts and pants, there has also been a global fashion movement to lower prescriptive beauty standards and promote self-love and confidence for all body types and genders. Read: Unisex clothing is legit and here to stay. It’s progressive, inclusive, and hopefully the future of fashion. From fast fashion giants to high-end brands, everyone got it, which is why you now see so many celebrities indulging in comfy, oversized sweatshirts or t-shirts and biker shorts. Once considered rebellious or androgynous, you don’t have to be Harry Styles, Billy Porter or Ranveer Singh to jump on this trend – now you can just walk into a store and not have to ask “Where’s the men’s section?” /women ?” ”

That’s because streetwear, at its core, is an ideology as much as a fashion style. Some of the most exciting developments in this ideology have occurred around the world, and “a new version of streetwear designers is emerging in India with the same ethos of creativity, community and attitude today in India as well”, notes fashion designer Nida Mahmood.

Get the normcore look (outfits by six5six; boots by Mango)

Stay Normcore

Normcore subculture style simply means basic, functional and unassuming clothing to help you fit into the crowd. Think comfy tees, sensible sneakers, baggy jeans, oversized silhouettes and baseball caps, or coordinated unisex outfits with no bling, no red carpet glamour, just staples.

have the look

Opt for boyfriend jeans, looser at the hips but with a normal waist. The cowboy pants seen here are inspired by illustrations seen in children’s books, while the barcoded pants are a little funkier – scan them and they’ll send you to the brand’s website.

Graphic tees add cozy comfort; leather belts and metal chains add a dash of punk-rock glamour. Stick to the norm and complete the look with patent leather shoes.

“Inspiration for streetwear can come from anything on the streets: street culture, street music and even phrases; fashion is just the way to express it,” says Avni Aneja, co-founder of six5six.

Prints have no gender (Outfit by Huemn; Shoes by Zara)

Gender Fluidity in Print

Brands are launching collections that are not limited to specific colors or distinct cuts for girls, boys, men or women. Instead, they are “genderless” in that the fashion is fluid, not inherently masculine or feminine, and the styles can accommodate all body types.

have the look

The term “gender fluidity” may now have replaced “unisex” and refers to garments that can transition smoothly from men’s to women’s wardrobes, regardless of craftsmanship, prints and colors.

If you want to add some feminine chic to a look like this, opt for polka dot mules, bling highlights and pendants, along with the crop top and leggings, and you’ll be set to pull off a streetwear luxe look that’s all carpet. red.

“We are creatures of change, and fashion has to be exciting or it will lose its purpose. But it should also be a perfect addition to your wardrobe,” says Pranav Misra, co-founder and creative director of Huemn.

Gendered Fashion Isn’t As Hard As You Think (Outfit by Huemn; Pants and Shoes by Mango)

Jhe looks kind-bender

Gender-neutral fashion redefines self-expression. Designers use this gendered storytelling to add a distinct brand language to their brands.

have the look

Stick to a black and white ensemble and you’ll never go wrong achieving a gender-specific look.

A printed t-shirt with ankle-length pants or culottes is very trendy.

“We perceive clothing as independent of trends, seasons and gender. It has more to do with the wearer’s individualistic expression and how they want to represent themselves. When choosing an outfit, you have to think about the message they want to project through their clothes,” says fashion designer Rahul Misra.

Couple goals? (On Deepu: Icho shirt; H&M t-shirt; H-Star pants. On Akshita: Icho shirt; H&M t-shirt; Zara pants)

The twinning phenomenon

Pairing couples no longer squeal. Now, couples who make the same clothing choices and wear matching color combinations are actually trending!

have the look

An oversized shirt and matching bottom is an easy, pre-planned outfit that can be worn with any shoe you desire, whether it’s sneakers or slip-ons.

Always opt for comfortable silhouettes and simultaneously allow movement for different body types; sparkling prints add a fun element to the design.

“Unisex clothing has become the need of the hour because it is easy to carry and practical, but also versatile to style. Especially street style, because the silhouettes are the most comfortable and easy to change to match a taste. and wardrobe requirements,” says fashion designer Kunal Anil Tanna.

Art doesn’t need to be limited to one palette. Wear it boldly. (Outfit by Almost Gods; Shoes by Nike)

The arartistic streetwear

Many new brands are working towards sustainability, recycling dead fabrics into something usable.

Designer Dhruv Khurana fell in love with abstract impressionism and conceptual art and eventually spawned an artistic streetwear brand called Almost Gods.

have the look

The powerful imagery of natural disasters of erupting volcanoes and wildfires is captured in printed pants. He is clubbed in a black and white cobweb print t-shirt. A sturdy pair of sneakers rest the eyes from the powerful visual drama.

The look was created from the collection inspired by a quote from Edward O. Wison, an American sociobiologist: “We have paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions and divine technology.

“Streetwear is a kind of casual wear, but if handled with high craftsmanship, it can be turned into fashionable wear,” says Nida Mahmood.

Take your cause, literally. (Crop top and skirt by Almost Gods)

Socially Conscious Fashionistas

Designers are trying different ways to educate fashionistas about climate change and other issues through their craft. Heat mapping is a data visualization technique used to show the magnitude of a phenomenon as color in two dimensions. The color variation can be hue or intensity, giving the reader obvious visual cues as to how the phenomenon is clustered or varies in space. Do you remember the weather report on the news showing the temperature around the world in red and blue?

have the look

Go for printed heat mapping details and show that you are an aesthetically and socially conscious fashionista.

Tell the world about the consequences of climate change: pair the Heat Map stretch crop top with a long bodycon skirt. Balance this with a solid stocking in fine jersey. Finally, a multi-layered silver string choker adds bling to the look.

“It’s important to invest in pieces that will remain relevant to us for many years to come and will have their own story to tell. Eventually, these pieces become stories themselves, and that’s the best thing,” explains fashion designer Rahul Misra.

From HT Brunch, June 18, 2022

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